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Adult Swim Boards Guide and FAQ for new users

[ Edited ]

So you've stumbled onto the Adult Swim Message Boards.  That's too bad.  But while you're here you might as well make an account and start posting as much as you can about anything and everything you can think of.  


Tell us what you think of us.  Contribute to our lovely and completely sane community. Scream at us for cancelling that favorite show of yours.  Scream at us for continuing to air that most hated show of yours.  


Make this place your second home and never log off to shower or go on that date.  Who are you kidding anyway?  They're not the one.  We're the one.  The only one.


Now here are the questions we're guessing you probably couldn't figure out the answers to on your own.


Registration & Account Management


How do I sign up and do I have to register to participate?

You must create an account to be able to post on the boards.  Click on this link - and follow the instructions to create an account.  But get this.  It's free.  I know, right.


Logging in

After you've completed the registration process you can click the link at the very top of the page that says sign in (or go here - and enter your email and password.


How do I edit my account information?

Click on the My Account link at the very top of the page (or go here - to edit your info.


Help!  I forgot my password!  Again!

If you've forgotten your password then click the link at the very top of the page that says sign in (or go here - and then click "I forgot my password" (
) to send the reset instructions to your email account.


Help!  I've gone even farther and forgotten/lost my email address!

Oh, great.  In this case, you may PM me, SwimHumbug (click on my name under the post author information and send me a private message) or post in the site support forum that you've lost it and I'll respond and work with you to set up a new one or give you the old one.  You'll be required to provide some kind of hint or proof that it is in fact your account that you're trying to gain access to, so be aware of that.


What's the difference between my boards account and my Adult Swim account on the rest of the site (like High Scores for Adult Swim Games)?

As far as you're concerned, nothing.  But technically the boards are provided to us by a company called Lithium.  And so we integrate your account created on with Lithium's boards.  They have the same name and everything is taken care of behind the scenes and automatically.  But your boards stats and posts and everything else boards related are only available on our actual message boards.


How do I see my boards profile, stats and past posts?

You can click on your profile name in the top left hand corner of every page on the main boards content box, under the title of each page.  


My Boards Settings


How do I change the image (avatar) next to my name?

The image next to your name is your avatar and it's an easy way for you to personalize your identity a bit. You automatically get an avatar when you join a community, but you can change it to something you like better.

To change your avatar:

  1. After you sign in, click My Settings to go to your My Settings page.
  2. Click the Avatars tab. 
  3. Choose a Collection to see a set of avatars.
  4. Click an avatar to use it. 
    You can change avatars as often as you like. Your current avatar always appears at the top of the Avatar page.


How do I create a signature for my posts?

Your signature is text that appears at the bottom of your posts. This is your chance to be creative (within community guidelines, of course).

To create your personal signature:

  1. Click My Settings to go to your My Settings page.
  2. On the Personal Profile tab, click Personal Information.
  3. Enter your signature text in the Signature box. 
    You may use HTML, but images are not allowed and will be filtered out.
  4. Click Save Changes.


How do I keep my online status to myself?

If you're paranoid about who knows you're online you can hide your status this way:


  • Click My Settings to go to your My Settings page.
  • On the Preferences tab, click Privacy.
  • Set your privacy settings accordingly.
  • Click Save Changes.



What is my Friends List and how do I add people?

Your Friends List is a way to create your own little community within a community.

Depending on your Privacy settings, the people on your Friends List can see your biography and other personal information or whether you're online. If you send Private Messages, you can choose your friends from a list instead of typing their user names.

To add people to your Friends List:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Click the user name of a friend to see the friend's About user name page.
  3. In the Contact area, click Add user name to Friends


How do I edit my display settings, reading settings, private messenger settings, layout settings and all those other settings the kids are always talking about?

Just click into your settings like previous instructions outline and play around with everything.  It's pretty self explanatory.  Really.  



Boards Basics and FAQs about the boards, on air, and the website


Do the good people who work at Adult Swim read the Boards?

Yes, all the time. From the top executive on down, we can speculate with confidence that nearly everyone who works for Adult Swim frequently checks the Boards. If you watch the block or the boards for any length of time, this will become evident to you.


Which members of the Adult Swim staff post on the message board? I want to keep an eye out for them.

Many of the folks at AS who check out the message boards are active posters. They are easily identifiable by their SwimInsider rank and their caustic wit. 


There are all these awesome Insiders on the Boards, but none of them will respond to me. Are they just jerks, or what?

They're probably not just being jerks (although many of them actually are jerks). Really it's just that these folks are very busy making the shows you love and they don't always have time to be active in the community. But feel free to add them to your Friends list and read their posts, because even if they don't get a chance to respond to you personally, they might answer your questions somewhere on the board. 


I have a buncha questions about Adult Swim. Will you guys answer me?

We might. Try posting your question on the board. You never know who'll answer. 


Who and what are the Admins?

The admins are the people who have the most power on the boards.  They are also employees of and work in the offices of Adult Swim.  They handle any kind of technical concern or question about the site and the community.


The current admins are:

SwimHumbug - General Community Manager

Swim_Ceej - Adult Swim Games specialist


Who and what are the Moderators?

The moderators are the normal everyday users who were hand picked to monitor and keep the boards clear of any kind of maliciousness, wrong-doing, trolling, harassment, etc.  They have the power to ban your user name from posting on the site temporarily or permanently if you violate the rules or TOS.  They are volunteers and are not employees of Adult Swim, but they are trusted and probably the most knowledgeable members on the site.  They take a lot of the heat users dish out and we appreciate everything they do for us.



Neat, how can I become a mod?

Participate in discussions on the board, encourage intelligent chatter, use good grammar, and don't break the rules and you'll probably get yourself noticed.  Mods are voted on by admins and current mods, but the bottom line is if we need your help, we'll contact you.


Who and what are the Helpers?

The Helpers are a group of users that act as general guides and see to the individual show sections of the board.  They have a few extra privileges (like editing posts and posting images) beyond that of ordinary users, but only in their individual show folders.  They are hand picked to be guides for the community for their activeness, intelligence, and enthusiasm for the shows on Adult Swim.  


Their duties include: 

  • Creating wiki type threads about characters, episode guides and the show in general, asking other regular members to help contribute to make it the comprehensive/entertaining thing to read about the show
  • Answering other's questions about the show or the boards, or pointing them in the right direction where they can find an answer. (i.e. linking them to appropriate threads, or wiki, giving out other websites where they can get additional info, giving them a mod to contact, etc.)
  • Creating polls and announcements in that section of the show folders pertaining to the shows and getting people interested in things going on or whatever awesome thing they can come up with.
  • Creating custom banners in the show folders.
  • Running simple contests or brainstorming ideas to get people interested the shows, and bringing any bigger ideas that can't be accomplished without an admin to me, to see if we can make it happen (within reason of course)
  • Editing out spoilers from other users.   


Keep in mind that they are not moderators and don't have the power to ban or warn users for anything.  All of that is handled by the moderators.


There are too many Helpers to name here, but you'll see them around the boards and can identify them by their rank - SwimHELPeR


What are the different discussion folders for?  

[adult swim] and Site Support: Where you talk about the site in general as well as bring up bugs and issues you're having on the it and the boards.

General Adult Swim Discussion:  General topics about the Adult Swim programming block. 

Williams Street Music:  Discuss Williams Street music projects and .com music shows here.


[adult swim] noise

Babbling:  General discussion about life. 

Incoherent Babbling:  Babbling minus intelligence. 

Rants:  Tirades from angry people. 


[adult swim] on air and in production

Bumps:  Discussion of previous Adult Swim bumps and attempts to star in future ones. 

Individual Comedy Show folders:  discuss the individual shows and hang with fellow fans.


[toonami] on air and in production

Toonami:  General Toonami block discussion.

Individual Toonami Show folders:  discuss the individual shows and hang with fellow fans.


General Entertainment Discussion

Creative Works:  Post and discuss stuff you wrote, drew, photographed, etc

General Games Discussion: The board to discuss console, PC, portable, web or games that don't have their own board. 

General Music Discussion:  Discuss all non-Williams Street Music here. 

Library:  General books and publications discussion.

Other Anime:  General non-adult swim or toonami anime and manga discussion.

quantized television psychotics:  General television and general science discussion.


retro [adult swim] actn and retro toonami wikis and discussion

General Action Discussion:  General topics about the Action block or topics that concern multiple shows. 

Individual Retro Action/Toonami Show folders   


retro [adult swim] comedy wikis and discussion

General Comedy Discussion: General topics about the Comedy block or topics that concern multiple shows.  

Individual Retro Comedy Show folders.



(Please note that posts placed in the wrong folder will risk being deleted.)




How do I make a new Message Topic (or thread for those old school users)?

Well you just go into a board, and click on the New Message button at the top left of the page.  That'll take you to the Post/Edit Message page.  From there you enter your subject, then your body.  Take advantage of our full featured Rich Text editor, or if you prefer, the HTML version.  Be sure to use the Preview tab before finishing to make sure you didn't mix up "there" and "their".  That's always embarrassing.  


Oh and if you can't make a New Message Topic see a few questions down.


How do I reply to someone's message?

Really?  Alright.  Click on the Reply (or Quick Reply) button to the bottom right of their post.  Easy.


I've made an account, now why can't I make a new Thread/Topic/Message?

In order to make new threads (or New Messages) you must meet a few requirements.  This is to weed out people who aren't as "committed" to the whole Internet experience as we would hope.  


The requirements are:


  1. 48 hours since registering
  2. 50 page views on the boards
  3. at least 50 minutes online.  

You can check how long you have to go on your Profile page.  You can however still reply to other users in existing threads.


Macros.  What are they and how do I use them?

Macros let you create boilerplate text that you can paste into any message with the click of a mouse.

To set up a macro:

  1. Click My Settings and click the Macros tab. 
  2. Type a name for the fist macro in the Macro 1 Title box. 
    Make the name short, but memorable (you'll choose it by name from a menu).
  3. Type the text you want to be able to paste in the Macro 1 box. 
    You can use HTML tags in your Macros.
  4. Enter names and text for your other macros.
  5. Click Save Changes.

To use a macro when you post:

  1. Go to a Post page. 
    The Macros menu is on the right side of the Post page toolbar. You can use a macro in any sort of post: a message, a reply, a comment, an idea, you name it.
  2. Click in the Subject or Body area where you want to paste the macro text. 

    Tip: It's a good idea to keep your subjects short, though. 

  3. Choose a macro in the Macros menu. 
    That's all there is to it! The text of your macro appears wherever your cursor was.



How do I search?

To search the Community, type keywords for your topic into the Search Community text box and click the search icon. (This text box is found at the top right of most pages). A page of search results will be displayed. Browse the search results in the same manner you would a message board.

To perform a more in-depth search, click the Advanced link found on the left side of most pages. This search allows you to limit your query to a specific board, specific parts of the message (subject vs. body) and other advanced parameters.

You can also search for Community members by selecting Users from the drop down.

How does the auto-suggest work?

Auto-suggest accelerates your search by displaying results as you type search terms. When you see the post or user you're looking for, you can go to the post or the user's profile right from the auto-suggest results.

To turn auto-suggest off, click Turn off suggestions in the auto-suggest list.

To turn auto-suggest on, click Turn on suggestions below the search entry area.

How do I filter search results?

Interactive search filters on the left side of the page let you refine the search results based on a variety of criteria: location, author, date, and others.

Filtering results is as easy as clicking one (or more) of the search filters. Want to limit your search results to accepted solutions? Just click the check box for Solved. Want only the most recent results? Use one for the date filters to see results for a day or a week ago.

You can also filter your results by both individual authors or all results from members who have the same rank. For example, you could look for results by a specific community member, or look for all results written by community experts. Auto-suggest will help you as you type a screen name or rank.

Search filters work together, so you can see just the results in accepted solutions for the last month, for example. However, the filters for the type of post work a little differently than the others. If you choose Forums and Blogs, you see results from either forums or blogs (not results that are both forum and blog posts -- it would be hard to be both).

You can see which filters are active at the top of the results list. To turn a filter off, click the X (Remove) button to the right of the filter.

How do I search for posts?

You can search for posts at any level of the community. When you type a search term, the system automatically searches at the current level. For example, if you're on the community front page, the system searches the entire community. If you're looking at a forum or blog page, the system searches that forum or blog.

To search for posts:

  1. Choose the scope of the search in the drop down list to the left of the Search button. 
    You can search at the current level and above in the community.
  2. Start typing the search term. 
    Auto-suggest shows the topics that match the term you're typing. 
    Tip: You can enter the full search term, or use an asterisk as a wildcard in your search.
  3. If you don't see the term you're looking for in the auto-suggest list, click Search to see the full search results.

When you get your search results, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to limit the results as needed.

How do I search for other users?

You can search for community members by name or rank. The results show you profile capsules for the users who match your criteria. The name you search for must be at least three characters long.

To search for users:

  1. Choose Users in the drop down list to the left of the Search button.
  2. Start typing the name of an individual user or the name of a rank. 
    Auto-suggest shows the names of users who match the name you're typing. When you enter a rank, auto-suggest lists all users who have that rank. 
    Tip: You can enter the full user or rank name, or use an asterisk as a wildcard in your search.
  3. If you don't see the user you're looking for in the auto-suggest list, click Search to see the full search results.
Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS


How do I use bookmarks?

Bookmarks allow you to list community content -- boards, articles, ideas, topics, or individual posts -- on a special page so you can easily find it again.

To bookmark a piece of content:

  1. Go to the item you want to bookmark. 
    You can bookmark a board, a blog article, an idea exchange, or any other location in the community. You can also bookmark a specific post.
  2. To bookmark a location, choose (Location) Options > Bookmark this ....
  3. To bookmark a specific post, go to the post and choose (Post) Options > Bookmark this ... 

To view and manage your bookmarks:

  1. Click My Settings and click the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab.
  2. Click Bookmarks to see a list of the items you've bookmarked. 
    You can click a bookmark to go to the item.
  3. To delete a bookmark, click the check box for the bookmark and choose Bookmark Options > Delete Selected Bookmarks.
How do I use Subscriptions?
Subscriptions let you get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you're interested in. You can subscribe to a board, a blog article, an idea exchange, or any other location in the community. You can also subscribe to a specific post.

To subscribe a piece of content:

  1. Go to the item you want to subscribe to.
  2. To subscribe to a location, choose (Location) Options > Subscribe to this ....
  3. To subscribe to a specific post, go to the post and choose (Post) Options > Subscribe to this ... 

To view and manage your subscriptions:

  1. Click My Settings and click the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab.
  2. Click Email Subscriptions to see a list of the items you've subscribed to. 
    You can click a subscription to go to the item.
  3. To delete a subscription, click the check box for the subscription and choose Email Subscription Options > Delete Selected Subscriptions.
What is RSS and how do I use it?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It is a way for you to get the latest content from this community, along with many other sites that you visit, all in one place. With an RSS feed reader, you subscribe to Web sites, and those sites feed you headlines so you can stay up to date. To use RSS, you'll need a feed reader, such as Google Reader, MyYahoo, or the Live Bookmarks feature of Firefox. There are many free options. Once you have your feed reader set up, you can find RSS feeds in the community by going to a board, blog, thread, or message and selecting Subscribe to RSS Feed from the options menu. There you will see a preview of the feed. Most RSS readers give you a button to click at this point. Once you click it, the RSS feed will appear in your reader, and you will see new content from that section of the community whenever it becomes available.



What are Kudos?

Kudos is a new content rating system that lets you vote for the messages you think are the most useful or important.

When you give Kudos to a message, you are offering a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author. Your Kudos help to boost the value of certain messages and enhance the reputation of their authors.

Giving Kudos is as easy as a single click, but the impact of Kudos ripples across the community.

How do I give Kudos?

You can give Kudos to any posts in the community except your own.

To give Kudos to a message and its author:

  • Click the Kudos! badge on the message. It's under the users avatar beside their post.

If you change your mind about the quality of the message, you can revoke your Kudos.

To revoke Kudos you've given:

  • Choose Options > Revoke My Kudos from this Message.

The Kudos count is updated and the Kudos badge shows that you can now give the message Kudos again.

How can I see who's given me Kudos?

Want to know who thinks your messages are Kudo-worthy? Your Profile page is the place to start. You can also see Kudos activity for other community members on their Profile pages.

To see who's given you Kudos:

  1. Click your login name to go to your Profile page. 
    Your Profile pages shows the names of community members who gave you Kudos, the messages they Kudoed, your top Kudoed messages, and the Kudos you've given.
  2. To see all of your recent Kudos activity in an area, click the view all link at the bottom of the list. 
    Your Kudos Activity page shows the recent Kudos you've given or received.
  3. Click the tabs to see more info about your Kudos activity.
How can I see which messages or authors have received the most Kudos?

There are usually two Kudos leaderboards on the community's front page -- one for authors and another for messages. The author's leaderboard shows who has received the most Kudos. The message leaderboard showcases the most Kudoed messages.

Links from the front-page leaderboards take you to the full leaderboard pages.

To view the Top Kudoed Messages leaderboard:

  • Click the view all link from the front page module.

To view the Top Kudoed Authors leaderboard:

  • Click the view all link from the front page module.
How can I see who else has given Kudos to a message?

Want to know who thinks a message is good? It's easy to find out which regular community members and community experts have given Kudos to a message. Kudos that come from community experts carry more weight -- literally -- than those that come from brand new members.

To see who's given Kudos to a message:

  1. Go to the message page.
  2. Click the Kudos! number total. 
    The Who Kudoed this Message page shows you all the community members who've given Kudos to the message.
  3. Click the Experts tab to see Kudos given by high-ranking members of the community. 
    Experts are usually moderators and other users who had a Kudos weight of more than 1 when they gave the message Kudos.
  4. Click the User Name or Kudos link to sort this page by the name of the user who gave Kudos or by the Kudos count.
What is Kudos weight?
Your Kudos weight is the number of Kudos you give each time you click a Kudos! badge. If you're new to the community, you will probably give Kudos one at a time (your Kudos weight is 1). More experienced community members might have a higher Kudos weight, so they could give two Kudos, ten Kudos, or more each time they click.

Why can't I give Kudos to some messages?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to give Kudos to a post.

  • You've already given Kudos to this message (you can only give them once).
  • You wrote the message (you can't Kudo your own messages).
  • Your community manager wants you to give Kudos only to a message that starts a thread and not to replies.
  • Your community manager has turned Kudos off for a message or a forum.
  • Your community manager has frozen Kudos for this message. You can still see how many Kudos the message has received, but you can't Kudo it any more.
Where did the Kudos number go?
Sometimes a message gets so many Kudos that we run out of space to show the number. When that happens you'll see a Hot Kudos symbol or icon instead of the Kudos count on the Kudos badge.



What is a tag?

A tag can be a single keyword or a phrase that describes the topic, theme, or subject of the post. You can add as many tags as you wish, and so can other community members. Some communities require you to use one word tags; other communities allow tags that consist of more than one word. The easiest way to tell what the rules are in your community is to click in the Add Tag box.

The tool tip that appears below the Add Tag box tells you whether to use commas or spaces between tags.

  • If the tip is Use commas between tags, you can use phrases as tags. 
    For example, in a post about a mouse, you might have these tags: mouseUSB mouseoptical mousewirelessDPI.
  • If the tip is Use spaces between tags, each word you enter will become a separate tag. 
    If tags can only be single words, the same post about a mouse might these tags: mouse USB optical wireless DPI.
What is a tag cloud?
A tag cloud displays tags used frequently within the community or within an area of the community. The more frequently a tag is used, the larger it appears in the tag cloud. Just by looking at a tag cloud, you can get a sense of what the hot topics are in a given area.

What can I do with tags?
Tagging is a way to help other users discover interesting posts. It's also a way to organize content in the community that you think is related. When you apply tags to a post, you add to the value by providing another way for people to find it.

Why do people tag?
Some users will tag posts for their own convenience in finding them later. Other users enjoy helping categorize interesting posts for the benefit of the community. Users who tag lots of posts gain status by appearing on Tag Leaderboards.

How do I tag?
A tag can be a single keyword or a phrase that describes the topic, theme, or subject of the post. You can use tags to bookmark, categorize, or identify a post. Your tags can also help other community members find interesting content.

To add a tag:

  1. Navigate to an interesting post or comment. 
    When you're at a place where you can read the whole message, you'll see the Tags area.
  2. click in the Add Tag box to see whether tags must be a single word or can also be a phrase.
    • If the tip is Use commas between tags, you can use phrases as tags.
    • If the tip is Use spaces between tags, each word you enter will become a separate tag.
  3. Type your tags into the Add Tag field. 
    You can type more than one tag - just put a space or a comma between tags.
  4. Click Add Tag
    The Tags area updates with your new tags.
Where are my tags?
You can find messages you've tagged by visiting your profile and clicking the tag. You can also click on a tag on any cloud and look at the Most Tagged section.

Private Messenger


What is the Private Messenger (PM)?

The PM system is a way for you to send messages between users on the boards.  You compose messages just like you would a regular post on the boards. The link to your PMs are the closed (no new messages) or open eyeball (new unread messages) in the top right corner of the page, under the search bar.  There are various things you can do to your messages, including deleting, reading your sent messages, ignoring other users, sending to friends, etc.


Why can't I use the PM system?

Because you're underage.  If you're under 18 you can't PM other users.  Sorry, but it's stipulation from our legal department.  Once you reach 18 you can talk about us behind our back.  


Can I ignore users through the PM system?

Why yes, you can.  If you don't want to hear from someone again, just add click on their name to go to their profile and click the Ignore button on the right hand side of the page.  Click the button again to unignore.




What are ranks?

Ranks are like your placement within the community.  The lower a rank the less active and newer you are, the higher the more active and older.  They come with a title and color for your user name.  When you rank up that title and color will change.  There are also certain privileges that are attached to each rank.  The higher the rank, the better the privileges.  


We keep most of the stats required for each rank a secret in order to give the community a chance to have fun and figure them out themselves.  Look in the different site related forums for a thread about the ranks and you'll easily find a list of all the known ranks and stats.


Moderation and Banning


What, you mean I can't just do whatever I want without any consequences for my actions?

Sorry, no.  That's just a shame, isn't it?


Why do you censor swear words? I wanna cuss, **bleep** it!

Censoring curse words is a requirement from both our legal and standards and practices departments in deference to the fact that we can only request that kids not visit this board, not guarantee it. It's just a fact of life for these boards, so please deal. Furthermore, we find that most of the people really upset by this fact shouldn't be here anyway.  


How does one get banned? Tell me so I can, uh...avoid doing something that would get me banned.

Here are some ways to get yourself banned:


  • Posting or acting with a seeming malicious intent.
  • Posting or soliciting contact or personal information such as location, phone number, street address, email address, etc.
  • Being underage to use the board.  Anyone discovered or suspected to be underage for the board will be banned immediately. 
  • Ad spamming, via PM, message board posts, or any other method.
  • Posting topics or text that instructs or encourages illegal or illicit activities of any kind.
  • Posting or creating patently offensive content, including the creation of offensive screen names, or posting links to offensive content on other websites.  Patently offensive content may include anything of a graphically sexual or violent nature, anything that may be deemed as anti-social, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc in nature, and anything else that hurts our heads.
  • Directing seemingly maliciously intended insults at any individual.
  • Posting such that it interferes with navigation, such as posting many threads at once, or necrobumping a lot of old threads such that it pushes newer threads off the front page, or posting "+1" style topics in a misguided attempt to increase rank.
  • Posting unmarked spoilers in a seeming malicious context.
  • Posting non-topical chat style threads such as "I'm bored, come in here and talk to me" or posting shout outs to another user in an attempt to start a generic conversation rather than a topical one.
  • Boring us to tears


In short, doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing.  



Why'd my thread get deleted?

Boring threads/messages are often deleted in order to protect our desire to provide this forum.


"Boring" is defined as anything that hurts our heads. This includes malicious flaming and references to illicit acts. We enjoy most illicit acts, but we don't feel a need to discuss them here. (You shouldn't either.)


Repetitive threads, chatting, shout-outs, trolling and flaming are also boring, and thus eligible for deleting.