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[ Edited ]

My first ACTUAL fan fiction.


The layout is like the episode of an anime, done in a style resembling a teleplay, with music and time counters. If there's any parts you want me to change, I'm sorry. I can't repost the entire episode if it's too late to edit.


Don't forget to read and review!


Nibai Mugendai

Track 1

Beginning of a Story//BEGINNING

Rated TV-14V for intense bloody violence, fanservice, and profanity



Music: “Advice” by the pillows


Original Concept…………………Production I.G



The setting starts out as darkness. Over the course of time, more light starts to show, revealing it is a pan up on an office building.. The building pans all the way up to a girl who’s running across the roof of the building.


Executive Producers…………………Kaoru Mfaume

                                          Hiroyuki Yamaga (GAINAX)

                                          Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (Production I.G)


Zoom into the girl on the rooftop. Her face is unrecognizable, since it is being covered by a transparent heart-shaped mask with a green tint to it. The outline of her face shows that she has mildly messy hair. An antenna coming from the top of the mask is visible, as well as two fist-shaped objects placed on her shoulders.


The scene cuts to a view through the face of the heart-shaped mask. The screen in front of the girl’s POV is green. There is a computerized target moving around the center of the green shape. He target zooms in to a street seen through an alleyway between two buildings. The target is focused on a Mitsubishi GTO.


 Girl: Target locked.


Series Composition………………….Dai Sato

Mechanical Design……………………Kenji Teraoka


The POV switches to that in front of the girl. The rest of her outfit is rather questionable. How questionable? The top of the outfit consists of a light clothed area that goes to the bottom of the breast line. Beneath her bust is a blue article of the clothing that has six gold buttons on each side of the blue area. Beneath the buttons is a loincloth-like object that attaches to the top and goes down to the girl’s knees. The girl’s gloves are blue with circular cutoff points close to the shoulder area. You can see her fingers through the ends of the gloves. The boots are also like the gloves, long and blue with circular cutoff points above the knees. From the cutoff point of the behind of the top area to the cutoff areas of the boots, there is just a light blue garment that looks skintight. Underneath the girl’s neck is a pink heart. The heart is also transparent. On the girl’s shoulders are two teal-colored gun magazine holders. Around the girl’s ears are two blue cone-shaped devices. Anyways, the girl is running across the top of the building from the aforementioned POV and she jumps off as she lands in the alley below. She then stands up as the POV moves up along with her, focusing towards her head and torso.


Character Design……………………Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

                                        Satoshi Ishino

                                        Makoto Shimomura

                                        Tetsuya Nishio

                                        Masashi Ando

Chief Animation Director…….…Tadashi Hiramatsu


The scene cuts to behind the girl, looking through the alleyway onto the street, where the Mitsubishi GTO lies in the street (presumably at a stoplight). The POV changes to the girl’s as she zooms in on the GTO, spotting a black-suited man smoking a cigarette driving the car.


Background Art……………………Masahiro Kubota

                                      Hiroshi Kato

Art Director………………………….Yusuke Takeda

Editor……………………………….....Junichi Uematsu


Girl: I knew it. He is from SORE.


The girl then grabs hold of a gun (GLOCK 33) kept in a holster on her right leg. She takes it out and raises it so that its at level with normal driving speed. The POV changes to the girl’s as the target on her mask targets the GTO. The mask then zooms in, with a second target focusing on the man’s neck.


3D Director……………………………Makoto Endo

Special Effects………………………Masahiro Murakami

Key Animation Head……………..Tadashi Hiramatsu


Cut to the girl, who squeezes the trigger, while her the brightness in her eyes (behind the mask) decrease. The girl pulls the trigger and the bullet is fired. From the GTO driver’s POV, the bullet is just a small flare. After seeing the flare, the bullet makes a perfect hole through the window (without breaking any glass except the exact area the bullet went through) and hit’s the man in the neck. The man’s sunglasses fall off as blood spurts out the back of his neck and he falls to the passenger seat.


Director of Photography………Hiroshi Tanaka

Sound Director…………………….Yoshikazu Iwanami

Color Design………………………..Yumiko Katayama


The girl puts away her GLOCK 33 and runs out into the street, where everyone can see her in her sci-fi magical girl-esque outfit. She runs across the street, stepping on the roof of a car as she pursues the GTO (which isn’t moving). The girl approaches the car and pulls out her GLOCK 33 again, pistol whipping the driver’s side window of the GTO so that the glass completely shatters. The girl reaches her hand into the car, feeling around for the opening handle. She opens the car door once she finds the opener and points her gun at the already-dead driver.


Music………………………………..the pillows

                                    [adult swim]

Music Producer…………………Koichi Suzuki

Music Director………………….Masanobu Sato

Music Production………………King Records


The girl drops the gun on the driver’s seat as she reaches her left hand towards the driver’s neck. She pulls out the bullet lodged in his throat (with mildly bloody results) and holds it before her between her thumb and index finger, holding the bullet at the sides. The girl squeezes the bullet, turning it into a compact spear about half the size of someone’s hand. She takes the spear and attaches it to the gun’s barrel.


Producers……………………………Tsutomu Sugita

                                     Katsuji Morishita

                                     Hiroki Sato (GAINAX)


The girl then reaches into the fist-shaped object on her right shoulder, taking out a grenade with a blue center and a heart in the middle of it. She jams the grenade into the mans throat as she backs away from the car, ready to fire.


 Girl: Another one down. (smiles) Perfect.


The girl fires the spear at the car just as the POV behind the girl of the car turns into a vertical POV towards the dark sky as the girl jumps up. Beneath her an explosion occurs. The POV changes back to that of the street view, with the GTO now masked by an explosion that presumably destroyed it. People are seriously shocked.


Bystander A: What the hell was that?

Bystander B: Was it a bomb?


Assistant Director…………………Satoshi Kon

Director………………………………...Kazuya Tsurumaki


While the bystanders in the street are screaming and chattering over the explosion, the girl who blew up the GTO is standing upon an office building corner, staring at the explosion like it was nothing.


Animation Production………………GAINAX

                                         Production I.G

                                         Madhouse Studios


After staring at the explosion for a few seconds, the girl’s indifferent look turns into a smirk.


Girl: Looks like Nagoya is safe from another SORE attack.


The girl raises her hands and presses some buttons offscreen, which presumably removes her mask. The POV changes to the front of the girl, who is looking slightly down, the shine in her eyes regained. Her eyes are a hazel color and her hair is a blue-violet color.


Girl: But will it get me closer to finding that boy?


Production………………………………Production I.G


                                        Bandai Visual


The girl looks up at the sky as it pans up from a dark blue to black.






(music ends - 2:13)


The screen turns to black as writing appears on the black background.


A.D. 2099



Cut to a JHP .45 ACP being inserted into a bullet magazine.



It has been 70 years since the end of World War III in 2029, and 70 years since Japan became the victim of a nuclear bombing.



Cut to said magazine being inserted into the bottom of a silver Springfield Armory XP.



The results were disastrous.



Cut to shot of the barrel of the Springfield Armory XP being cocked.



The following year in 2030, Japan was rebuilt so that more urban and suburban areas dominated a majority of Honshu than farmland and nature.



Cut to the XP being raised as a steady level.



People became used to this new environment.



Cut to the POV of the gun barrel, shakily focusing on the bullseye of a target.



People like Takashi Fujishima.



Cut to the XP firing thirteen shots. The holder of the gun, Takashi Fujishima, lowers his gun. The target stall standing before him is completely white with a white target sheet. The stall instantly turns black except for the target sheet. The sheet shows that all 13 bullets fired close to the bullseye, one of them actually hitting the bullseye.


Takashi: Hell yes! Got all of them near bullseye again!


Takashi is an average-bodied college student. His hair is dark brown, partially spiked. His eyes are a deep red color. The attire he is wearing is a brown long-sleeved shirt with a white stripe down each sleeve. His pants cannot be seen at the time. Takashi turns around to see that the digital clock behind him is displaying the time 20:53 military time.


Takashi: I’ve been practicing for that long? (turns around) Well, looks like I’d better be heading back to the dorm.


Takashi lowers his gun to place in his holster, which is connected to his blue jeans. The gun is slid into the sleek, black holster quickly.


Track 1: Beginning

(1:05 - total time 3:18)


Music: “Reformat” by Tao-Te-Swim


Takashi puts four 500 yen coins into a slot in a vending machine. He presses a button labeled “ASAHI DRAFT”, and the can labeled as so appears in the dispenser below. Takashi picks up the beer can.


Takashi: Ah, this is the good stuff.


Takashi takes a drink from the beer can, holding it as he walks up the sidewalk. It turns out that the sidewalk is next to a large array of white buildings. The scene then goes back to black.


Nagoya University - East Campus



The scene turns back to normal, as the POV now faces Takashi. He’s continuing to drink his beer. He suddenly accidentally bumps shoulders with a younger man walking beside him in the opposite direction. Takashi turns around to talk to the man he accidentally bumped into.


Takashi: Sorry about that, Hikari-san.

Hikari: No, no. It’s me who should be sorry.


Hikari Kurosawa is a young man with an average build. He’s shorter than Takashi only by about a few inches. Hikari has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and glasses. He is wearing an unbuttoned blue jacket with a white T-shirt underneath.


Hikari: So, what’cha doin’ out here this late, Fujishima-kun?

Takashi: Not much. All I did was firing practice. I’m getting better at hitting the bullseye.

Hikari: So, no socializing as usual, I suppose.

Takashi: (angered) Hey! Watch it, Kurosawa. I socialize plenty with Tomoki-san and Domyoji.

Hikari: Oh really? All I ever see you do with Tomoki is steal his money so you can by those fancy beers.

Takashi: Well he’s been stealing my money behind my back so he can buy those dumb hentai DVDs.

Hikari: Besides, all I see you do with Domyoji is just walk by each other and say “Hey” before you go to where you were originally heading.

Takashi: I socialize plenty with Domyoji-san! It’s just that you aren’t around to see it. (drinks from beer)

Hikari: Well, seeing as you’re trying to get back to your dorm, I feel it’s about time you go.

Takashi: Yeah, whatever.


Takashi and Hikari walk past each other after their conversation. Takashi chugs the rest of his beer and as he reaches one of the white buildings, he throws the beer can into a trash can. The building sign reads:



Nagoya University dormitory #6



Takashi walks through the automatic doors into a lobby that is off-white with a square marble pillar housing an elevator. Takashi boards the elevator and presses “19”. The elevator shot up the floor until it reached the nineteenth. The elevator dings when it reaches the floor.


(music end - 1:40 - total time 4:58)


The doors of the elevator open as Takashi walks out, walking past many doors until he reaches his room: #1987. Takashi takes a small USB cable-shaped key and inserts it in a small numeric keypad on the white door, which has “#1987” plastered in the middle and no doorknob to speak of. Takashi punches in six numbers into the keypad (6-1-2-3-1-2) and takes the USB key out. The door slides open to show Takashi’s dorm room.


The room can be described this way: To the left is a small kitchen area, and next to it is another sliding door. The door says “バスルーム”, or “BATHROOM”. The back middle consists of a built-in three-story bunk bed with futuristic white outline. Tomoki, one of Takashi’s roommates, is sitting on the middle bunk. To the right is a shelf with DVDs and CDs on it, with two laptops in a vertical shelf atop the first shelf. One of the laptops, however, is missing. Next to the shelves is a desk, with a couch next to that. Between the couch and the door is a minifridge with “しないで”, or “KEEP OUT”, plastered across it.


Tomoki Kumagai is a college student who has the same athletic build as Takashi, only a little less athletic. Tomoki has messy brown hair and brown eyes to match. His clothing consists of a layered long-sleeve shirt (brown shirt, black sleeves) and blue jeans.


Tomoki is looking at a laptop. He looks up to see Takashi, and suddenly becomes excited.


Tomoki: Taka-san!

Takashi: (waves) Yo. (walks over to bunk bed) So, I heard you got a new character CD from one of your dumb hentai.

Tomoki: (annoyed) Hey! My hentai CDs aren’t dumb, let alone unintelligible.

Takashi: Yeah, whatever, you pervert. (walks toward fridge). Besides, since you got another character CD, that means you stole another amount of my yen, didn’tcha, you sick bast*rd?

Tomoki: Hey, it’s not my fault they’re expensive!

Takashi: Oh really? (opens fridge) Then that means that if you stole my money for the third time this week, that means I get to use your yen for the third time too, isn’t that right?

Tomoki: It does mean that, but you have no right to steal my money! I don’t have as much as you!

Takashi: Yeah, right. (grabs beer can) I know how much cash you have stuffed under your goddamn mattress. (closes fridge door)

Tomoki: Wha? How’d you know about that? That’s none of your business!

Takashi: Maybe so. (opens beer, walks toward bed) If you get enough cash to buy another one of your hentai, this game of cat-and-mouse-stealing-each-other’s-yen will stop. (stuffs hand under mattress) But until then, this game’ll go on until you replace the money I have right here. (pulls out handful of ¥1000 notes and walks away. Tomoki gains an anime anger-vein.) And if you try to cheat by stealing my notes, I’ll end this game once and for all by blowing your brains out.

Tomoki: That’s not fair!

Takashi: (smirks) To me it is. (door opens as Takashi’s smirk fades) I’ll be going out for a walk. If I see even one coin missing from my stash, you’ll pay dearly. Eitherways, sayonara. (door closes)

Tomoki: At least I don’t have to put up with you for the next few hours! (lies down) *sigh* He may get p*ssed off that easily, but he isn’t my mother. I just don’t get him.


(1:44 - total time 6:42)

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I got screwed by mgangel1124... and not in the way you perverts would expect.
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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47136382

The scene transitions to a city view of Nagoya. The girl from the opening sequence runs atop the buildings, jumping from one building to the next without hesitation.


 Girl: *pant* They have to be around here somewhere. *pant* What exactly makes it so hard to find four SOREAs? *pant*


The girl jumps another building and stops suddenly. In front of her are four men in black suits and sunglasses. They all look the same: short, messy-black hair, and an athletic build. But two of them have robotic arms and one has an M61A4 submachine gun in hand. The man without the weapon raises an S&W Model 625 revolver at the girl.


 Girl: *gasp*

SOREA A: It’s all over now, you little b*tch. *shoots*


(0:27 - total time 7:09)


Music: “Crazy Sunshine” by the pillows


Cut to Takashi walking alongside an array of buildings, with his hands in his pockets. He’s seen smoking a cigarette while walking.


 Takashi: D*mn. All 4000 yen could buy me was a pack of smokes and a beer. Tomoki’s so goddamn cheap. (sound of gunshot) What the hell?


Back where the girl was earlier, the SOREA is now holding a smoking gun. As the smoke clears, he realizes that the girl he shot isn’t down. Instead, she has the bullet he fired between her right thumb and index finger, flicking it away as the SOREA gains a shocked expression.


 SOREA A: What the hell? You’re supposed to be dead, you dumb b*tch! (positions gun) Die!


After saying that, the girl kicks the gun out of the SOREA’s hand. The gun flies in the air and falls into the girl’s hand.


 Girl: You know that ruthless criminals like you are too up to date with their weapons to be carrying around a piece of crap like this.


The girl crushes the gun in her hand as the SOREA’s anger grows heavily. He snaps and rushes towards the girl. Her response? She thrusts her fist through the SOREA’s stomach, splattering blood everywhere. The girl takes her fist out of the bloody hole with only few blood droplets splattered on it. The SOREA with the machine gun tries to knock her out with the end of his gun, but she immediately turns around, kicking him in the face.


The scene transitions to Takashi, who is running down an alleyway, his cigarette blowing out of his mouth wile he rushes.


 Takashi: Where the hell did that shot come from?


Back on the roof, the machine gun SOREA is on the ground, blood flowing out of his mouth and his teeth broken.


 SOREA B: You b*tch! (gets up) How dare you punch me!


The SOREA tries to punch the girl off the roof, but she kicks his arm with so much force, his hand comes flying off. The SOREA doesn’t seem so shocked about this, shrugging it off as he grabs his gun.


 SOREA B: You know, even though I lost my hand, (positions machine gun) that doesn’t mean I can still use my gun! *laughs*


The SOREA starts firing at the girl, who jumps to avoid the bullets. But suddenly, the bullets ricochet off the steel walls of the buildings at angles so that they head toward the alley below.

Suddenly, the scene changes to show that the bullets that the girl dodged hit Takashi‘s arm. The style has changed as well, with a black background, and Takashi drawn in a sketchy style with white outline.


 Takashi: (thinking) What the hell? First I’m running to find those gunshots, and now I’m about to die from a bunch of stray bullets? Goddamnit.


The style goes back to normal as a stray bullet manages to dismember Takashi’s right arm, causing a blood spray that sends Takashi to the floor of the alleyway. As the blood flows out of Takashi’s disembodied arm and his arm stump, the business back on the roof is starting to get intense. The SOREA holding the machine gun gets angered by the fact that the girl dodged the bullets.


 SOREA B: No way. No goddamn way I missed you!


The SOREA starts firing again, this time while standing. The girl manages to dodge all of the bullets the SOREA fires by running alongside the rooftop, the bullets he fires wrecking a neon sign reading “物語の始まり“ or “BEGINNING OF A STORY”, the episode’s title. The glass broken by the bullets falls to the alleyway, landing on the ground beside Takashi, who is nearing closer and closer to death, which is shown by his lowering eyelids.


On the roof, the girl finishes dodging the bullets and runs toward the SOREA, finishing him off by kicking his machine gun up in the air, then grabbing it so that she can throw it into the SOREA’s cranium. After doing so, blood splatters all over the roof, even though the impact shot of the gun is small. The other two SOREAs are shocked to see the second one die so soon. One of them decides to say something a lot closer to the time of death than his comrade.


 SOREA C: Why the hell are you doing all this?

Girl: I know what your syndicate is doing to innocent people, destroying their homes just to expand your HQ. You’re the reason why PHEROMONES should exist in the first place!

SOREA C: Cut the crap, you b*tch! You think we do only that?

Girl: No. I KNOW that you do ALL of those cruel things!

SOREA C: Shut the hell up!


The SOREA raises his robotic limb, revealing a small machine gun inside. He fires at the girl, only for her to crush the bullet fired in midair before it hits her body, then dropping it to the ground as the SOREA raises his machine gun arm again.


 SOREA C: No frickin’ way you dodged that!

Girl: To be fair, I didn’t really dodge it. I just stopped it before it could do harm to me.

SOREA C: Shut up, b*tch!


The SOREA fires a bullet, and then the scene goes into bullet time as the girl jumps. The scene starts at 0° at the SOREA’s POV where he’s firing at the girl, then goes to 90° where you can see Takashi’s bleeding (and possibly dead) body in the alleyway, then to 180° at the point where you can see power lines above the building with the neon sign, then to 270°, then to 360°, where the bullet time stops and time starts up again. The bullet strikes a clean crack-less hole through the girl’s heart-shaped mask, causing her pupil to slightly shrink. The bullet hits a power line, dropping onto a broken neon light, causing electricity to head towards the girl. The girl ducks, causing the electricity to hit the SOREA’s right arm-joint, disconnecting his robotic limb from his normal limbs. The fourth SOREA, shocked to see the other three dead, brings attention to the girl.


 SOREA D: You psychopathic bi-.

Girl: Call me what your friends called me and you’ll meet a fate even worse than what they’d gone through.

SOREA D: There’s no way you’re gonna prevent me from calling you a bi-


The SOREA’s sentence is interrupted by a bullet being fired between his eyes, cracking his sunglasses in half. The girl is now holding her GLOCK 33, smirking.


 Girl: How predictable of you. Once I get rid of that arm, your pathetic life will be over.


The girl walks toward the scared SOREA, forcing her hand between the man’s eyes, pulling a bullet out. She squeezes it, turning it into a compact spear. The girl connects the spear onto the gun’s barrel, stepping back and firing the spear at the man’s arm joint. The spear separates the man’s arm from the rest of his body, the body falling over the side of the building into a completely different alleyway. After the SOREA falls off the roof, the girl opens up the fist-shaped compartment on her right shoulder, taking out a grenade. She presses a detonator on the top, setting the timer to 0:10. She throws the grenade down into the alleyway. The grenade lands between the man and his disembodied arm. The grenade blows up after ten seconds, causing an explosion to cover the entire alleyway, covering only a fraction of the alleyway Takashi is lying in.


 Takashi: D*mnit. And I thought this day wouldn’t get any worse…


After saying those words, Takashi closes his eyes shut, his breathing silencing. Back on the roof of the building, the girl stares at the alley below, her hair blowing in the wind.


 Girl: Another four down.


The girl walks towards the edge of the building to supposedly jump off onto the ground below (safely, of course). Instead, she finds Takashi’s unconscious (and possibly dead) body. She mentally activates an option on her heart mask to reveal that Takashi is still alive, only REALLY close to death.


 Girl: That poor boy…


(music end - 4:07 - total time 11:16)


The girl, absolutely shocked at Takashi’s condition, jumps off the roof to help him. She lands on her feet safely, without a scratch on her. Walking over to Takashi’s body, she ignores the blood and broken glass she is stepping in, focused only on helping out Takashi. She touches Takashi’s shoulder, and numerous kanji appear on the screen displayed on her mask.


 Girl: Dear god… The injury this boy took disconnected one of the veins important to his life support. He might die in the next few minutes if I don’t do something. (short pause, then eyes widen) I’ve got it!


The girl runs into the intersecting alley where the fourth SOREA she killed fell. Besides the large amounts of blood splattered across the ground and walls, the robotic arm is left intact.


The arm is a gold-silver color. There are five steel claws with blunt tips where the fingers and thumb of a normal hand should be. At the jointed top of the arm, the spear the girl fired is stuck in there.


 Girl: Thank god. For a second there, I might’ve regretted blowing up that assh*le.


The girl grabs the arm and runs out of the alleyway back into the main alley, placing the arm next to Takashi. The girl takes out the spear lodged in the arm and slices open the arm so that it shows the inside, yet isn’t cut completely. Inside, there are numerous layers of many microchips, as well as some joint movement equipment. Near the hand-tip of the arm is a small blade, and above the blade is an empty glass vial designed to fit in the arm.


 Girl: Looks pretty safe enough of an arm for this boy to handle when he wakes up.


The girl takes the right side of the cut-open arm and attaches it to the bottom of Takashi’s arm stump. She then opens her left fist-shaped container and takes out a small, blue heart-shaped box. She opens it and takes out a few thin blue and red wires.


 Girl: Let’s see here… Connect these blue wires to these disconnected veins and the red wires to the arteries, (grabs thick red wire out of the box) connect this to the heart vein, (grabs small vial of solid white liquid) and replace the RNA vial with this refill.


The girl takes out the empty vial and connects the full vial into the arm. This connection causes a number of rods to come out of the interior of the right side’s robotic skin, and some holes to form in the interior of the left side’s robotic skin. The girl presses the left side into the right side. Suddenly, Takashi’s eyes shoot open, revealing them to be bloodshot, the pupil small.




(1:22 - total time 12:38)

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I got screwed by mgangel1124... and not in the way you perverts would expect.
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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47136410

Girl: Oh, you’re awake. *phew* If I wasn’t there to fix up your arm, you might’ve been dead by now.

Takashi: (struggling to get up) What… the hell? What happened?

Girl: I’ll tell you what happened! You were shot by S- (stops) (thinking) What am I trying to say? This boy’s just a civilian. He won’t know what a SOREA is. He won’t even have any idea about the identity of SORE.

Takashi: Hey!

Girl: (snaps out of state of thought) Huh? What?

Takashi: What the hell are you doing? I asked you a question! Who shot me?

Girl: (thinking) Oh god. How am I gonna explain this to him without confusing him? Think… think… (talking) Some men in black suits were shooting at me up on (points upward/to the right) that building’s roof a while ago. One of the men had this (mimics holding a machine gun) submachine gun which he used to shoot at me, but missed and (moves right index finger in zigzag motion) the bullets ricocheted off the wall (grasps arm like it’s in pain) shot off your arm!

Takashi: Oh, really? Then how the hell did I get this new arm?

Girl: Another one of the black-suited men had a robotic arm and I used it to save your life.

Takashi: Well isn’t that the truth? (stands up) Well, now that I’ve gotten a good explanation, I’ll just be going back to my dorm, where I’ll likely forget everything you told me. Sayonara. (walks away, waves)

Girl: Goodbye! (waves, giggles) He seems nice, but a little rude.


The girl clicks a button on the cone-shaped objects covering her ears, turning her heart mask a bright green, obscuring the transparency. Cut to the POV, where the transparency is replaced by a map of the streets, with a green background behind the map. A blue dot represents the girl, and a red dot Takashi. Takashi is seen leaving the alley on the map.


Girl: Any other SOREAs I need to fight before I go home?


The map zooms out, showing a group of yellow dots north of the street right to where Takashi is walking now.


Girl: *gasp* (mask goes transparent again) That young man’s in danger! (runs out of alley)


Meanwhile, Takashi is walking on the sidewalk alongside the street he’s going west on. His left hand is in his pocket, while his right arm is sticking out. Takashi’s brown shirt has its right sleeve missing, making his arm stick out more like a sore thumb.


Takashi: D*mn. That girl seems cute, but her attitude is seriously messed up. Maybe sleeping’ll make me forget about her. (feels something grasp his right arm) *gasps*


(1:21 - total time 13:59)


Music: “Recollect” by Sound Scientists


Takashi notices that the girl is the one grasping his arm. She seems pretty angry/concerned.


Girl: Where the hell are you heading off to?

Takashi: I already toldja, I’m heading back to my dormitory at Nagoya University. I need some sleep, and I don’t want you and your prissy little outfit in my memory.

Girl: First off, my outfit ISN’T prissy! It’s not even suitable for civilians like you to look at! On the other hand, I’m not gonna let you go that way back to your university.

Takashi: Why the hell not, you fussy little b*tch!?

Girl: If you go that way, you’re gonna die!

Takashi: I already died once, what am I supposed to be afraid of this time? It’s not like there’s more I can lose other than my arm.

Girl: Oh yeah? What about your legs? Or your head? Or maybe even…

Takashi: Don’t even think about saying it! If there’s really anything up there that’ll sever my ties to this world, then tell me now before you keep bossing me around!

Girl: *sigh* All right. The black-suited men I told you about earlier are from a crime syndicate known as SORE. SORE is dedicated to destroying villages and cities to expand their HQ, which is based in Nagoya. They send jets and airships to take out these cities, but need to position themselves over central Nagoya in order to fly directly toward those cities. I’ve been fighting them for over five years, destroying each and every one of the jets and airships that haven’t even destroyed anything yet. But SORE heard of my successful efforts to take them down. So they’ve sent agents known as SOREAs, better known as the black-suited men I mentioned earlier, to kill me so that their plan will be successful.

Takashi: What does any of this have to do with me?

Girl: SORE will do anything to either expand their headquarters or dispose of me, even kill innocent civilians, including women and children, just to accomplish these tasks. Luckily, you have weaponry to help fight off the SOREAs.

Takashi: Huh?

Girl: I noticed that you have a gun in your pocket. (shot of gun in holster, which is in Takashi’s pocket) Springfield Armory, XP Model, I presume?

Takashi: Wha? How’d ya know about that?

Girl: I saw it while I was saving you. You also have that arm of yours. Since you’re a beginner at using it, the only function it can perform is that it can form a blade, better known as an “armsword” out of its visible end if you clench your fist hard enough so that the claws on the arm pierce the metal. Doing so will allow the blade to position itself so that it rises out of the arm, yet doesn’t harm the claws.

Takashi: Wow. You sure do know a lot for some weird chick. (forces robotic arm away from girl) If what you said is true, I’ll take your advice and beat the crap outta those SOREAs, or SORAIAs, or whatever the hell you call them.

Girl: All right. Maybe taking a break from killing won’t be so bad.

Takashi: Good. (sees girl walking off) Wait!

Girl: (stops) What?

Takashi: What’s your name? So I can forget it later.

Girl: (thinking) What’s his deal with forgetting me? (talking) Fine. The name’s Motoko. Motoko Kotegawa. (runs off)

Takashi: That’s nice, (turns around) but does it look like I care?

Motoko: (now several meters away from Takashi) I’m counting on you!

Takashi: I don’t care! (turns around, starts walking) She’s so dependent on me remembering all this bull. (turns right) Once I get rid of these SOREAs, or SORIAs, or whatever, I can wipe this from my memory once and for all. (hears guns loaded) Huh? (sees about twenty SOREAs in a group, blocking the street) Holy crap.


(music end - 2:15 - total time 16:14)


SOREA E: Hey, you!

Takashi: Huh?

SOREA E: Yeah, you! The punk kid! Don’t move a muscle or we’ll blow your brains out! We know you were talking to that blue-haired chick a minute ago!

Takashi: You mean Motoko Kotegawa?

SOREA E: Shut the hell up! Her name isn’t important! What is important is getting you out of the way so we can take her down!

Takashi: (reaches into right pocket) Oh yeah? (whips out XP with left hand) Try me, assh*les!


(0:19 - total time 16:33)


(Music: “I Think I Can” by the pillows)


SOREA E: You think that piece of crap can decimate all twenty of us? Well bring it on, you little assh*le!

Takashi: (short pause) Sure. Why not?


Takashi squeezes the trigger on his gun, allowing a bullet to exit the barrel. The bullet hits the SOREA in the throat, knocking him down. The other nineteen SOREAs look on in shock, rushing toward Takashi after a short pause.


SOREA F: You little assh*le!

SOREA G: Kill that goddamn little punk!

SOREA H: Die, bast*rd!


Takashi rushes towards the group of SOREAs, kicking one in the head so hard his head comes off. One is punched in the throat, while another is impaled by Takashi’s new arm. Takashi fires his gun at a SOREA, but manages to shoot TWO in the head with a single bullet. With fourteen SOREAs left, Takashi feels more alive than he ever felt.


Takashi: Is that the best you got? Come on! I can handle more than that!

SOREA I: Are you masochistic or something?

Takashi: Hell no. I’m just a sociopath when it comes to doing good.


Takashi rushes toward the crowd of SOREAs, kicking one in the stomach. Before he hits the ground, the SOREA is shot by Takashi 15 times. Takashi tries to continue shooting, but finds out that he ran out of bullets.


Takashi: Goddamnit.


A SOREA rushes towards Takashi as he’s reaching for a magazine. The SOREA shoots Takashi in the head, causing him to collapse to the ground. The SOREA stands silently, holding a pistol in his hand.


SOREA J: You think you’re so tough, you dead bast*rd? You think you’re so freaking to-


Before the SOREA could finish his sentence, his head was blown to bits by stray bullets. But the bullets weren’t really stray. Takashi was alive and well, holding his gun in his hand, his head wound completely gone.


Takashi: I don’t know how I managed to come back, but the only thing I know is that while I’m still alive, you won’t be able to kill me!


Takashi clenches his right hand into a fist. The claws go through the metal, and surprisingly, a blade comes out of Takashi’s arm. Takashi looks at his arm to see the change.


Takashi: Heh. Kickass. (rushes at SOREAs) So how do you like me now, assh*les!?


Takashi rushes at the twelve surviving SOREAs, impaling two on his armsword. Takashi pulls the blade out of the two SOREA’s stomachs, revealing that blood is splattered all over it, yet there are no guts.


Takashi: You think you’re so goddamn triumphant? Just a minute ago, you said that you’d kill me, but now I’ve killed half of you! How do ya like that?


Takashi slashes three incoming SOREA with his armsword. Seven SOREAs are left, and Takashi beheads two of them once he starts rushing towards the SOREA. With the five remaining SOREAs focused on killing Takashi, Takashi walks briskly toward the remaining ones. Takashi’s armsword is gone, leaving only a bloodied robotic arm.


Takashi: You think I’m dead meat now? I’m out of ammo and the will to slash things with my arm and you think I’m dead meat right now? (stops walking, takes out an almost empty cigarette pack and a full beer can) I still have something left that can kill all of you!


Takashi takes out a lighter and lights his cigarette. Takashi opens the beer can and drops the cigarette in. Takashi stuffs the pack in the beer can hole, and throws the can at the five SOREAs. They watch in shock.


SOREA K: What the hell does he plan to accomplish with such a makeshift piece of crap?

SOREA L: (points offscreen) Just look at him, sir.

SOREA K: (looks where SOREA L is pointing) Wha?


Takashi takes out his gun and shoots the beer can, causing a massive explosion, engulfing the entire street, Takashi included. Once the smoke clears, all the SOREAs are gone. No corpses, new or old. Everything has been obliterated, leaving only a blood-splattered mess in the street. Except for Takashi. Takashi is still alive, holding his gun in his left hand, and his lighter in his right. Takashi drops the lighter and gun in his pockets and walks north.


Takashi: I presume we’re done here.


Takashi walks toward the bloody mess, then past it, toward the direction he was heading before. Cut to Nagoya University Dormitory #6. Takashi walks in, gets in the elevator, and gets off the elevator.


(music end - 2:55 - total time 19:28)


Takashi passes the same doors he passed earlier in the episode, until he reaches Room #1986. He inserts the USB key, punches in “6-1-2-3-1-2”, and the door opens. Takashi is wearing headphones, presumably listening to the character CD he got earlier.


Tomoki: Welcome back, Taka-san! (sees Takashi) Whoa! What happened?

Tomoki was right to ask. Takashi’s hair is messy and slightly singed, his robotic arm is covered in splattered blood, and his red eyes have less color than usual.

Takashi: What’s there to worry about?

Tomoki: There’s plenty to worry about! (jumps off bunk) Your right arm is covered in blood! And it’s not even your real right arm! What happened?

Takashi: I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, Tomo-kun. I need some rest. (walks into bathroom)

Takashi clicks a button on the wall to the left of the door leading to the bathroom. The door slides open, and Takashi walks in to get a towel.

Tomoki: Tell me now! When you left, you were doing as fine as usual, leaving with my yen to buy beer and smokes with money that isn’t suitable for buying anything fancy, and then you walk in here two hours later with your right arm replaced with some science-fictiony robot arm covered in some guy’s blood!

Takashi: (walking out of bathroom, cleaning arm with towel) It’s a long story, and I can’t tell it to you now. It’s better if you wait until tomorrow morning to hear it, I need some much-needed rest after what I suffered.

Tomoki: Oh, alright.


Tomoki jumps back into his bunk, puts his headphones back on, and continues to listen to what he was listening to on his laptop. Takashi gets in the bottom bunk, and reaches his hand towards a dial with three switches. He flips the one on the far left down, shutting off the central light, then switching on the far right switch. That switch turns on a fluorescent light built into the ceiling of Takashi’s bed. Takashi lies on his left side, facing the wall. He puts his gun on the shelf above him and reaches for the far right light switch.


Takashi: Tomoki may be concerned about my health and condition, but he isn’t my mother. I don’t get him at all. (switches light)


Takashi goes to sleep quietly, as the screen fades to black.


(1:18 - total time 20:46)

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[ Edited ]

Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47136489

(Music: “Little Busters” by the pillows)


The next morning has arrived quickly. Takashi’s alarm clock is blaring, displaying 06:00 on the dial. Takashi, grunting to his efforts to stay awake and to the alarm, grabs his gun and positions it at the alarm. He fires at the clock, destroying it.


Takashi: *grunts* Goddamn alarm clock. (rubs eyes) Always has to be so freakin’ annoying. No wonder this is the 15th time it’s bothered me this hard. (gets up)


Takashi is wearing a white T-shirt and black boxers when he gets up. He walks to the bathroom, where he gets in the shower. He’s busy washing his hair with his left hand, while his robotic arm slings down beside him.


Takashi: It’ll be hard getting used to this arm. It’s hard to even take a shower without it annoying me to hell and back.


After a few minutes, Takashi is now in his clothes. He’s wearing a navy blue T-shirt with two white stripes going down each sleeve, and blue jeans. Takashi is sitting on his bunk bed tying his shoelaces.


Takashi: There we go. (finishes tying shoe, stands) There. Now to see how many people react to this arm. (sweatrops, thinking) I hope they don’t stare too much…


As expected, they do. Three quick frames go by of Takashi’s college classes/not-so-much-classes. The first frame shows him walking across campus, with people staring at him, standing on the grass or on the far sides of the sidewalk while Takashi stands on the sidewalk. The second shows him in a two-story classroom, all the students looking at him (front row), rather than paying attention. The third shows him in some short of shop class, hinted at by the metal and wood on his desk. Everyone is staring at his rather than at their own work. In the background is a small blood splash, meant to hint that someone got comically injured.


Later, at around noon, Takashi and Tomoki are sitting on a bench near a small 3-story gardening pillar. Tomoki is wearing a black T-shirt with the word “koolmotor” written on it, and blue jeans that look slightly ripped.


Takashi: I don’t know how much more I’m gonna stand out at this rate. I’ve already been stared at enough today, I just wish at least one person wasn’t distracted by my arm.

Tomoki: It may be as annoying as hell, but man, is it old-school tech. (stares at arm)

Takashi: Didn’t I tell you not get distracted?

Tomoki: Sorry! I was just fascinated by it! Besides, what about the story you were gonna tell me yesterday?

Takashi: The one about how I got the arm that you kept bugging me about last night?

Tomoki: Yeah, that’s the one!

Takashi: *sigh* Well, it goes like this. After buying a pack of cigarettes and a beer, I walked through this alley to find these gunshots I heard. Next thing you know, (punches left palm) Bang! (winces in pain) I’m shot down by these stray bullets.

Tomoki: Did it hurt? (notices look on Takashi’s face) More than what happened just now?

Takashi: Yeah. Much worse. (pain ends) After my arm was shot off, I thought I was gonna die, but the next thing I remember after being shot was getting a robot arm implanted onto my arm stump by this cute girl.

Tomoki: Seriously? How cute?

Takashi: I dunno. I couldn’t tell how cute, but I remember a moé look in her eyes and fairly large breasts.

Tomoki: Well, isn’t that exciting? By the way, what’s moé?

Takashi: Some cutesy sh*t that originated in Kyoto about a century ago. Back to the story, this girl claimed to have been fighting these black-suited agents from a syndicate called SORA, or SORE, or some lame crap like that. She told me that the arm I have contains some sword that can come out my arm if I clench the arm into a fist too hard. And it worked when I was fighting the twenty-or-so SORAI agents.

Tomoki: Seriously? There were secret agents? Fighting you?

Takashi: *nods* Apparently, they thought I had connections with the girl, who they claim they were after.

Tomoki: Really? What’s her name?



Motoko: The name’s Motoko. Motoko Kotegawa.


(present day)

Takashi: Kotegawa Motoko. I remember her having hair that was slightly messy, a mix of blue and violet. Hard to tell if it was dyed or natural.

Tomoki: It had to have been dyed. I mean, who’s born with blue-violet hair?

Takashi: An average number of people. There’s this rare gene I heard of that causes odd hair colors that stay permanent for all the individual’s lifespan. It’s recessive, so it’s doubtful that many people have the gene.

Tomoki: Well that answers that question. So, what happened to the secret agents you were surrounded by?

Takashi: I killed all of them. One shot me in the head, but for some reason, I was still alive after the point where someone normally dies.

Tomoki: No way!

Takashi: Don’t act so surprised. It wasn’t really that big a deal. Just a shot in the head. Something like that only hurt very little, according to my perspective of things.

Tomoki: So what did ya do after all that?

Takashi: I tried to forget ever meeting Motoko, or fighting those SOREOs. But the rush I felt from killing them… Let’s just say it was beyond anything I’ve experienced.

(stands up) Well, I’d better be goin’.


Before Takashi could walk away, he froze. His eyes were wide open, filtering out bits of reality to focus on one thing.


It was Motoko.


Except she wasn’t in her technological outfit she wore earlier. She’s wearing an olive-green jacket with an orange tank top underneath, and grey jeans. She’s walking with her arms in her pockets, acting as casual as all other students. Takashi snaps back to reality, angered.


Takashi: That b*tch…

Tomoki: Calm down, Taka-san! What’s wrong?

Takashi: Goddamn b*tch! She’s obviously messed with my head or something, because I’m seeing an illusion of her! (runs toward Motoko)

Tomoki: Wait, Taka-san! That’s not an illusion!


From Takashi’s POV, he runs toward Motoko, standing around the way she was walking. Motoko ceased spacing out and noticed Takashi running toward her. Suddenly, Takashi punches her in the face, knocking her down to the ground. Takashi stands above her, his fist clenched and teeth gritting.


(music end - 3:44 - total time 24:30)


Takashi: So? You’re going to my university now, eh? Are you here to meet me again, or is this just coincidental?

Motoko: Honestly, I don’t know what you want. Just don’t kill me!

Takashi: Oh I wouldn’t do something like that… (whips out gun) I just want you to get the hell out of my head! (fires)




(0:16 - total time 24:46)


(ED: “Thank You My Twilight” by the pillows

1:55 - total time 26:41)



Note: The previews are like anime previews: no previews of dialogue from the next episode, just a summary of what’ll happen, ranging from serious to comical.

(Music: “Last Dinosaur” by the pillows)

Takashi: I don’t want any trouble. I just want to know who you are!

Motoko: Didn’t I tell you that last night?

Takashi: Yeah right. I didn’t hear enough to believe your theories.

Motoko: Well I never got your name either!

Takashi: Are you trying to repay me for what happened last night?

Motoko: Not really, I just want to know who you are!

Takashi: Well, I’ll tell ya next episode! Next episode: FALL APART.


(0:27 - total time 27:08)

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Cool start to the story! Very unique way to script it out, it seemed to flow really well. Takashi seems oddly comfortable with what has occurred in life the past day, but we'll see if he's just the normal kid he's described as. Anyway, I'll definitely look forward to more, nice job!

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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47136518

Nice job.  I liked the script format that you used.  Interesting story too.

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Reply to forgingaheart - Message ID#: 47142442

Thankz! The second episode'll be ready sometime close to mid-December.
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  I must admit, it took me two reading to get used to the format.

That isn't a bad thing, but it is certainly unique in comparison to the more

traditional format. The story itself is really well written, and I'm looking forward to the 

next chapter, or episode as I think either would apply just as well.


 Keep up the good work. 

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I appreciate all the good reviews you guys are giving me, and I await many more.

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Takkun4343 wrote:
Rated TV-14V


What channel this on?

It better be basic cable, I ain't paying no extra fees.
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If it was real, [adult swim], the uncut version ASV-exclusive.
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Blah_canbespanish wrote:

Takkun4343 wrote:
Rated TV-14V


What channel this on?

It better be basic cable, I ain't paying no extra fees.
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Reply to Blah_canbespanish - Message ID#: 47198339

Blah_canbespanish wrote:

Takkun4343 wrote:
Rated TV-14V


What channel this on?

It better be basic cable, I ain't paying no extra fees.
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ooh and poke just poping in to letcha know ive copy and pasted the story and ill start reading it tomorrow Smiley Happy prolly gonna take me awhile but ii promise ill comment as soon as im done in this thread ^__^

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Okey cid Smiley Wink


Staff and cast for Nibai Mugendai




Original Concept: Production I.G (BLOOD+)

                        Kareta Gohsawa (a.k.a. me)

Planning: GAINAX (Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

Executive Producers: Kaoru Mfaume (Dead Leaves, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)

                             Hiroyuki Yamaga (GAINAX) (FLCL, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

                             Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (Production I.G) (FLCL, BLOOD+, Dead Leaves, GitSSmiley FrustratedAC 2nd Gig)

Series Composition: Dai Sato (Eureka seveN, Ergo Proxy, Freedom)

Mechanical Design: Kenji Teraoka (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Code Geass, Noir, Gundam 00)

Character Design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Gunbuster 2)

                         Satoshi Ishino (Excel Saga, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Akahori Gedou Rabuge Hour)

                         Makoto Shimomura (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC)

                         Tetsuya Nishio (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC 2nd Gig, Naruto, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade)

                         Masashi Ando (Paranoia Agent, Paprika)

Chief Animation Director: Tadashi Hiramatsu (FLCL, Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water, Re: Cutie Honey)

Background Art: Masahiro Kubota (FLCL, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle)

                       Hiroshi Kato (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Golden Boy)

Art Director: Yusuke Takeda (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Gankutsuou, Gundam Wing, 009-1, Moribito)

Editor: Junichi Uematsu (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Bleach, Dead Leaves, IGPX, Tokyo Mew Mew, Moribito)

3D Director: Makoto Endo (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Blood+, Le Chevalier D'Eon, Moribito)

Special Effects: Masahiro Murakami (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Noir, XXXHolic, IGPX, Moribito)

Key Animation Head: Tadashi Hiramatsu (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Paranoia Agent, Peacemaker)

Director of Photography: Hiroshi Tanaka (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, BLOOD+, Moribito)

Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami (BLOOD+, Mahoromatic, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)

Color Design: Yumiko Katayama (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, BLOOD+, Big O, Noir, Moribito)

Music: the pillows (FLCL, Moonlight Mile)

          Adult Swim

Music Producer: Kouichi Suzuki (Starchild Records) (FLCL)

Music Director: Masanobu Sato (Starchild Records) (FLCL)

Music Production: Starchild Records (FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

Producers: Tsutomu Sugita (Bandai Visual) (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, Big O, Witch Hunter Robin, Banner of the Stars)

                Katsuji Morishita (Production I.G) (BLOOD+, Dead Leaves, Le Chevalier D'Eon, XXXHolic)

                Hiroki Sato (GAINAX) (FLCL, His and Her Circumstances, Mahoromatic)

Assistant Director: Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, Paprika)

Director: Kazuya Tsurumaki (FLCL, Gunbuster 2, Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [NOT] Alone)

Animation Production: GAINAX (FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mahoromatic, Gurren Lagann)

                              Production I.G (FLCL, GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, BLOOD+, Le Chevalier D'Eon, Moribito)

                              Madhouse Studios (Cardcaptor Sakura, Death Note, Galaxy Angel, Paranoia Agent)

Production: Production I.G (GitSSmiley FrustratedAC, FLCL, BLOOD+, Moribito, Le Chevalier D'Eon)

                GAINAX (FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

                Bandai Visual (Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Eureka seveN, GitSSmiley FrustratedAC)


There are three VAs for each character: Japanese, English (Bang Zoom!), and English (ADV)

I will be releasing the VAs for character in order of importance, a new one added once introduced.


Takashi Fujishima: Koichi Yamadera - Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel

                                                  Neon Genesis Evangelion's Ryuji Kaji

                                                  GitSSmiley FrustratedAC's Togusa, The Laughing Man

                                                  Mermaid Forest's Yuta

                                                  Ranma 1/2's Ryoga Hibiki

                         Steven Jay Blum - Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel

                                                  The Big O's Roger Smith

                                                  Samurai Champloo's Mugen

                                                  Wolf's Rain's Lord Darcia III

                                                  s-CRY-ed's Kazuma

                                                  Naruto's Orochimaru

                                                  Gurren Lagann's Leeron

                                                  Code Geass's Kyoshiro Tohdoh

                         Chris Patton - Full Metal Panic's Sousuke Sagara

                                             Air Gear's Ikki Minami

                                             Welcome to the NHK's Tatsuhiro Sato

                                             Princess Tutu's Fakir

                                             Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi's Eutus

                                             GANTZ's Joichiro Nishi

Motoko Kotegawa: Megumi Hayashibara - Hello Kitty

                                                        Neon Genesis Evangelion's Rei Ayanami

                                                        Cowboy Bebop's Faye Valentine

                                                        Pokemon's Musashi/Jessie

                                                        Slayers' Lina Inverse

                                                        Ranma 1/2's Ranma Saotome (female)

                                                        Saber Marionette J's Lime

                                                        Sorcerer Hunters' Tira Misu

                                                        Paprika's Atsuko Chiba

                                                        All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku's Nuku Nuku

                                                        Di Gi Charat's Piyoko

                          Wendee Lee - Cowboy Bebop's Faye Valentine

                                              The Big O's Angel

                                              The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's Haruhi Suzumiya

                                              Bleach's Yoruichi Shihouin
                                              Lucky Star's Konata Izumi
                                              Witch Hunter Robin's Miho Karasuma
                                              Hare+Guu's Weda

                          Luci Christian - Full Metal Panic's Kaname Chidori

                                               Negima!'s Asuna Kagurazaka

                                               Mezzo's Mikura Suzuki

                                               Air Gear's Ringo Noyamano

                                               Xenosaga's KOS-MOS

                                               School Rumble's Tenma Tsukamoto

                                               Princess Tutu's Abiru

                                               Tactics' Yoko

                                               Elfen Lied's Mariko

Tomoki Kumagai: Takehito Koyasu - Initial D's Ryousuke Takahashi

                                                Weiss Kreuz's Aya Fujimiya

                                                Excel Saga's Ilpalazzo

                                                Neon Genesis Evangelion's Shigeru Aoba

                       Kirk Thornton - Samurai Champloo's Jin

                                            Code Geass' Kaname Ohgi

                                            Black Jack OVA's Black Jack

                                            GITSSmiley FrustratedAC's Hideo Kuze

                                            GUNxSWORD's The Claw

                       Chris Ayres - GANTZ's Kei Kurono

                                         Speed Grapher's Chouji Suitengu

                                         Maburaho's Yukihiko Nakamura

Hikari Kurosawa: Takahiro Sakurai - Zatch Bell's Kiyomaro Takamine

                                                Code Geass' Suzaku Kururugi

                                                Cyborg 009's Joe Shimamura

                                                Bleach's Kira Izuru
                       Steve Staley - Naruto's Neji Hyuga

                                           KARAS' Otoha

                                           Moribito's Shuga

                                           Eureka seveN's Moondoggie

                       Greg Ayres - Negima!'s Negi Springfield

                                         Trinity Blood's Pope Alessandro XVIII

                                         GANTZ's Hajime Muroto

                                         Full Metal Panic!'s Shinji Kazama

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I am positively astounded by the sheer amount of effort you must have put into all of this.
Yes, that's a compliment.
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Reply to Kohikki - Message ID#: 47212721

Thanks, Hikki. I plan to start episode 2 tomorrow, after I clear up some anime I need to watch.
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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47213917

Yeah that is definitely a lot of research into not only the production of the show, but the scriptwork of an anime as well. Nice job and I am definitely looking forward to the next episode.

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Reply to DeaconPhenix - Message ID#: 47221228

With all the posts, I was thinking that there was a new chapter up...I was really hoping that there was.  Keep up the good work, I'll be watching for the next one.

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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47136382

oh hey poke! thought id come by and tel ya im about half way threw your story and i rly like it so far.. the chick seems all sorts of badass my kinda woman Smiley WinkSmiley Tongue annnd omg the umm.... wats his name? takashi yah thats him! totz crazy he had a robo arm and stuff.. anyways thats about where i left off ill write more andwatnot after im completely done with it Smiley Happy

i rly like the style of this fanfic you should be a screenwritter or something Smiley Happy

oh yeah! also im making a reference to this story in my fanfic in the chap. im currentlyworking on, thats ok with you right?

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I'm leaning more towards architecture, but scriptwriting is a side-hobby


I'm okay with the reference in the story you'll be writing. What's the name?


One final thing: Takashi's voiced by Steven Jay Blum.

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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47298989

kewl archietecture is a good job too ^___^

yay oki oh my sotry is called secret cover the daily rumble something like that.. lol.

I NOTICED!! =O ^____^ <333333 seeeeezxxxxxeeeeeeyyyyy lol.

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Reply to cidthekittyisfun - Message ID#: 47301849

Sweet. So... You finished with reading chapter 1 yet?


Speaking of which, I managed to finish the first half of chapter 2 in Word Processor today. It'll contain a song not known to many as "Spiral Dub" by DJ Food. A sample version can be found here, but if you want the whole package, go check it out here.

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Track 2

My World Breaks Apart//FALL APART

Rated TV-14 for bloody violence, strong language, adult themes, and fanservice



(OP: “Crazy Sunshine” by the pillows

Total time - 1:38)




In a recap of the last episode, the scene starts with Takashi running toward Motoko, who is now presumably going to Nagoya University. Motoko turned around to notice Takashi coming toward her, only to get punched in the face and knocked to the ground. Takashi stands above her, his fist clenched and teeth gritting.


Takashi: So? You’re going to my university now, eh? Are you here to meet me again, or is this just coincidental?

Motoko: Honestly, I don’t know what you want. Just don’t kill me!

Takashi: Oh I wouldn’t do something like that… (whips out gun) I just want you to get the hell out of my head! (fires)


The bullet Takashi fired brought the attention of everyone in the university courtyard, including Tomoki.



Tomoki: (looks up) Huh?


Takashi’s gun is now smoking from the barrel. Takashi stops grinning to notice something shocking.


Takashi: What the hell?


(0:32 - total time 2:10)


(Music: “Sleepy Head” by the pillows)


It turns out that the bullet Takashi fired didn’t hit Motoko. Instead, it is on the ground, and apparently collided with another bullet. It turns out that Motoko is now holding her GLOCK 33 in her right hand.


Takashi: (shocked) What the hell? Where’d you get that?

Motoko: (stands up) Look. Even though I’m not in that get-up you call “prissy” right now, that means I have no limits to my arsenal!

Takashi: You think you can kill me with less firepower than that army you forced me to battle yesterday night?

Motoko: (smirks) I’m sure I can. (squeezes trigger)


Track 2: Fall Apart



Motoko fires her gun at Takashi a total of four times. After the bullets are finished firing, Takashi now has four bullet holes in his chest. Mostly everyone is shocked to see him unconscious, and possibly dead. Tomoki, probably the closest to a living person who’s friends with Takashi, runs over to him.


Tomoki: Taka-san! (Takashi stands up) Huh?


Takashi is alright. The four bullet holes are gone, yet the holes in his shirt are still there.


Takashi: You think that’s all you got? Well, try and take this!


Takashi fires his gun a total of five times at Motoko. Motoko manages to dodge all five by use of running by the side of the bullets Takashi fires and then approaching Takashi, kicking the Springfield Armory XD out of his hand, then shooting his hand with her GLOCK 33. Takashi, however, is quick to act. After being shot in the hand, he reaches his arm back as the gun falls into his hand, the trigger at the position where his laid-out index and middle fingers are. Takashi then grabs ahold of the trigger, catapults the gun forward into the position where it will be likely to hit Motoko, then fires another bullet at her. Only this time, she swats the bullet away to the left.


Motoko: So? Looks like your hand won’t limit the use of your gun… (takes out gun) Let’s see if things are different when I hit your shoulder! (fires)


The next bullet hits Takashi in the left shoulder. He doesn’t even flinch when it hits him. Meanwhile, Tomoki is talking with another college student on the bench, watching the fight.


College Student: What’s the deal with them? Something sexist?

Tomoki: Nah. Taka-san just though that chick was a mirage or an illusion, or some stupid crap like that. Turns out she was real and how she’s trying to kill him for no reason.

College Student: That’s a stupid reason to fight.

Tomoki: It’s not my fault they’re fighting. I mean, he fired first.


Back to the fight, Takashi is standing still as the hole in his left shoulder starts to seal up. Basically, a numerous amount of thin lines in the hole are rebuilding the hole where his shoulder was hit.


Motoko: So, seems like the RNA’s working real well. (smirks, heightens gun) All the more reason to fight.

Takashi: Why do you even bother continuing to fight me? I mean, I’m all of a sudden immortal or some crap, and you still wanna fight? Well bring it on, b*tch!

Motoko: Those are the words I’ve wanted to hear!


Motoko fires her gun yet another time, the bullet exiting the barrel in a stylistic manner. After the smoke clears, Motoko stops smirking and notices the bullet did not hit Takashi. The bullet didn’t hit anything around him.


Motoko: What the hell? Where’s that bullet I fired?

Takashi: (raises gun) Right here! (fires)


The scene goes into slow motion as a bullet similar to that which came out of Motoko’s GLOCK 33 comes toward her.


Motoko (thinking): So, he somehow managed to get a bullet meant for a GLOCK into his Armory via the barrel? He’s much more than I originally expected…


Time goes back to normal as the bullet grazes Motoko’s cheek. A small amount of blood trickles down as Takashi looks on in the possibility of triumph.


Takashi: Not so powerful now, are ya?


Motoko: (shocked, touches cheek) You… shot me. (close up of her eye, angry) You shot me with my own bullet? (runs toward Takashi) BAST************RD!


Motoko runs toward Takashi, her gun in her left hand and the blood continuing to rush down her cheek. When she approaches Takashi, still with the look of triumph on his face, she uses her free arm (the right one) to punch Takashi, the impact point being the bottom of his jaw. The look of triumph is almost gone from Takashi’s face when he hits the ground. His smirk may be gone, but his eyes have the look of triumph in them.


Motoko: (offscreen) Impossible… That wound had to have eliminated all possibility of triumph inside him. But those eyes… he just won’t give up, will he?

Takashi: (stands up, mouth bleeding) Can’t you just shut the hell up for even a few seconds? Nobody cares about your idiotic monologue! (levels gun) Let’s see how you like it when that face of yours is wiped of its triumphic hope! (fires)


The bullet exits out the barrel of the Armory as it heads toward Motoko. But before it can even hit her, she flicks the bullet toward Takashi with her finger. She misses hitting Takashi. She ends up flicking the bullet toward the shell, which is now in midair after exiting the gun after the bullet was originally fired. The shell, which had an impact with the bullet, is shot back as it hits Tomoki straight in the forehead. Tomoki falls back, hitting his head on the garden pillar. The commotion has gone straight from Takashi and Motoko, who have their guns pointed at one another, to the injured Tomoki, who seems O.K., from the fact that he’s still conscious.


Tomoki: D*mnit. (rubs head) That really hurt.

College Student: Don’t you need to see a doctor? That mark on your forehead seems serious!


The mark on Tomoki’s head is a red dot with a larger, purplish bruise around it.


Tomoki: I’m fine. (stands up, winces in pain when walking one step) You know, maybe you’re right about me going to a doctor to check out that mark.


(music end - 2:57 - total time 5:07)


While Tomoki is limping away from where he was injured, the crowd’s attention is drawn back to Takashi and Motoko, whose guns are now at each other’s heads.


Takashi: Why are you here? Did you come here when I told you I lived on this campus? Or was it just a coincidence that we both go to the same university?

Motoko: (closes eyes, smirks) Definitely a coincidence. I’ve been going here for three months. I never thought I’d find you here, Takashi.

Takashi: And another thing! How the hell do you know my name? I never told it to you!

Motoko: (opens eyes) I’m just a person I’ve been searching for for a long time. Let’s leave it at that.

Takashi: Well, if you’ve been searching for me, then why the hell are you trying to kill me?

Motoko: You’re one to talk! Why are you trying to kill me, huh?

Takashi: I just want you to leave my memory, all right!? (squeezes trigger) Once this shot goes off, you’ll leave my memory for good! (noticed Motoko’s head is turned) What the hell are you doing? Turn around and face me!

(Airplane motor sounds are heard above them)

Motoko: (staring at sky) They’re here.


(0:41 - total time 5:48)

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(Music: “Spiral Dub“ by DJ Food)


Cut to Tomoki, sitting in a bench built between two walls in a white room, presumably the Nagoya University Clinic. Tomoki is currently staring at the ceiling. He has bandages wrapped around his head, covering the mark caused by the shell that hit him earlier.


Tomoki: (thinking) Where’d that nurse run off to now? She was supposed to be here three minutes ago with a report on my injury! Where the hell is she at a time like this?


After Tomoki’s thoughts end, a silver door to Tomoki’s left slides open, grabbing Tomoki’s attention. In the doorway is a nurse in her early 30’s. She has short brown hair, brown eyes at a medium size, and a medium-sized bust, with measurements of approximately 80mm. Her outfit is the normal outfit of most anime nurses, a pink dress/suit that ends at the area between the knee and the area where your legs form, white knee-socks, and a small, thin pink hat placed in an area where it won’t get loosened. The dress/suit has the pocket protector on the right side, and a name-tag on the left, while the hat has the red cross in the middle. The nurse is holding a clipboard in her left hand, while she’s holding a pen in her right hand.


Nurse: (camera pans up) Sorry to keep you waiting, Kumagai-san. I was busy putting your data together.

Tomoki: (off-screen, sarcastic tone) No kidding. That’s what I thought you were doing.

Nurse: Don’t be sarcastic with me, mister. (camera stops pan) Anyways, according to the tests I ran on you a few minutes ago, it says that you’re perfectly normal.

Tomoki: Well then what about -

Nurse: -the bump on your head?

Tomoki: (rubs back of head) Yeah, I was getting to that.

Nurse: (looks at clipboard) According to the X-rays I took (shows picture on clipboard to Tomoki) your brain suffered minor injuries from the force that made contact with you.


The X-ray of Tomoki’s head is a normal human skull, with some anatomy changes to it, like a smaller, pointier chin that is pushes up the nose and teeth areas toward the eye area. There is a small inwards dent on the forehead.


Tomoki: It doesn’t look that bad.

Nurse: Well, the impact it had was worse than it first appeared. (turns clipboard away from Tomoki) The dent in your forehead injured one of the veins inside your skull, causing the pain reception in your muscles to increase by 40%. (takes out needle and test tube) A small injection of RNA into your brain will fix the dent and the vein in no time.


The nurse dips the syringe into the test tube, which is filled with a white liquid. The syringe fills with this liquid only 1/8 of the way, freaking out Tomoki, who scoots back to the right end of the waiting bench he was sitting on.


Tomoki: No way you’re injecting that into my brain!

Nurse: (walks over to Tomoki) Don’t worry, Kumagai-san. It’ll only hurt for a second.


As the nurse leans in toward Tomoki, his fear increases, causing sweating. His bandages fall to the floor as the nurse removes them. She places the needle of the syringe onto the red dot of his bruise, and injects the RNA into his skull. Tomoki’s scream is so loud, it is heard throughout the campus. It’s merely shown by his screaming being heard from the outside of a one-story white building on Nagoya University campus.


Cut back to the area Takashi and Motoko were fighting at earlier. The crowd that was once there is now gone. The only people left are Takashi and Motoko, who are distracted by something that’s in the sky. Takashi has a small look of shock on his face, while Motoko looks on with a serious expression. But what’s in the sky?


A black jet. It has the look of a normal Japanese airplane, yet there are two funnel-shaped exit holes on the underside of the jet.


Motoko: Put away your gun, Takashi.

Takashi: Huh? Why the hell should I listen to you?

Motoko: Because! Do you have any idea who that plane belongs to?

Takashi: I don’t know! SORA, SORAE, SORI, God, I have no freaking idea, just tell me!

Motoko: It belongs to SORE, the evil organization I told you about last night,

Takashi: Oh, yeah. The one with the black-suited soldiers wanting to expand their HQ, right? (puts gun away)

Motoko: Correct. Like I said last night, they use jets in their attempts to expand their headquarters.

Takashi: Yeah, yeah, I already heard all that crap. Tell me something I don’t know about SOREA, why don’tcha?

Motoko: Their methods of destroying cities aren’t what you’d call humane.

Takashi: What kind of methods would I call humane? You’re trying to tell me about their city-destroying methods, not asking what I consider humane and inhumane!

Motoko: Well, their methods are considered inhumane. Not through your eyes, though. Instead, it’s through the eyes of most people, myself included.

Takashi: What do they do anyways?

Motoko: Their basic method of destroying cities are dropping bombs on cities. But that’s just for the small ones. For the bigger cities and metropolises, they go down and kill anyone they come across.

Takashi: Women and children included, right?

Motoko: Yes. After killing, they set up an H-bomb and blow up the entire city and its vicinity. They haven’t actually done those types of things. They’ve just bombed small towns and villages.

Takashi: Are you done yet?

Motoko: Yes, I am. Considering the condition we’re in right now, I don’t have time to get all my arsenal prepared to take down this jet from down here.

Takashi: You take down those jets from the ground? Wouldn’t that be near-impossible to do?

Motoko: Maybe, (raises gun) but it looks like I’m gonna have to take down that jet from down here with all I’ve got.

Takashi: Are you outta your mind, Motoko? There’s no way you’ll take down that entire jet with just those bullets in hand!

Motoko: I never said I’d take down the jet with the bullets themselves.

(Motoko points her gun toward her hand)

Takashi: Shooting yourself won’t solve anything!

Motoko: Will you quit assuming stupid things already?

(Motoko fires her gun five times, the bullets landing between her index finger and middle finger. She squeezes the bullets and they turn into compact spears.)

Takashi: Whoa. Kickass.


Motoko clicks down a button on the back of her GLOCK 33, allowing an average-sized slit to open in the middle of the top of the gun’s barrel. She inserts the five bullets, moving one down the slit into the barrel’s end. She raises her gun at the jet afterwards.


Motoko: Just watch, Takashi. After you see what happens, you’ll know how dangerous I really am.


Motoko fires her gun, the spear exiting the barrel at really large speeds, hitting one of the funnel-shaped exit-holes in the jet two seconds after firing. The explosion that emits after the spear hits is a mixture of red, orange, and brown, smoking out the sides and rising into the air. Takashi stares in awe as Motoko, still with her gun raised, watches the explosion before her.


Takashi: Whoa. You really are that dangerous, aren’tcha?

Motoko: (closes eyes) Right. Fighting SORE is just one part of my normal routine. (opens eyes) You know what SORE stands for, right?

Takashi: Wha? Why the hell would I care about the meaning behind some crazy as hell crime syndicate?

Motoko: “SORE” means “Sosaichi Rei”, which, translated into English, comes out as “Society Zero”. They call themselves a “Society” because there is a vastly large amount of the SOREAs, which mean “Society Zero Agents”.

Takashi: Then what’s the whole meaning behind the Zero, huh?

Motoko: The “Zero” stands for their amount of surrender power. They have none. The SOREAs are taught to fight at anytime, not surrendering for anything. (cut to shot of jet) They’ll continue to fight, even if their limbs are torn apart and blood is spewing out their mouths.

Takashi: (offscreen) No wonder they kept rushing at me even when I killed most of their men last night.

(Shot inside jet. The cockpit is a large grey room with tons of SOREAs at computers. In the middle of the cockpit is a SOREA with a ring around his head, implying that he is the pilot of the jet.)

Motoko: Anyways, these jets are basically the least threatening transportation method they can produce. Their highest-risk transport mechanism is something that not even you can think of.


The discussion between Takashi and Motoko ceases as the pilot of the jet speaks up.


SORE Jet Pilot: Fire!


Outside the jet, the intact exit-hole detaches from the bottom of the jet, automatically moving the thin-holed end from the bottom to the side. The large-holed end and the bottom of the jet are connected by a grey pipe. Bullets suddenly start firing out of the small end of the exit-hole. Takashi is immediately surprised by the gunshots, while Motoko steps in, placing her left arm in front of Takashi’s, confusing him.


Takashi: Huh? What the hell are you doing?

Motoko: (raises gun) Trying to save your ass from dying, that’s what! (fires another spear)


The spear Motoko fires shoots out the barrel, going straight toward the small end of the exit-hole. Once the spear and the exit-hole make contact, the exit-hole immediately explodes. This explosion is the same as the first one. Inside the jet, the grey room is now flashing red. The SOREAs at the computers are busy typing on their computers, while the jet pilot stands still in his piloting area, with an indifferent (K ) expression plastered across his face. One of the SOREAs gets his attention.


SOREA A: (turns away from computer) Sir!

SOREA Jet Pilot: Huh? What is it?

SOREA A: We’ve managed to find out the source of the disturbances that destroyed our jet’s exit cannons! (shot of Jet Pilot) It’s that girl that took out the four SOREAs we sent after her yesterday!

SOREA Jet Pilot: *gasp* Well, in that case… (points finger) Resort to the back-up exit cannons!


Cut to the outside of the jet, where the two smoking holes where the previous exit cannons once were are replaced by exactly similar back-up cannons. Both cannons direct themselves towards Takashi and Motoko, firing almost immediately after the positioning. Motoko is still in front of Takashi, who is less confused now.


Motoko: Well… (raises gun) If they’re not down yet, it’s better to get them down now than at the last minute!


Motoko fires her gun in the direction it’s at, then changes her body’s position to the left slightly, firing in that direction. Cut to the jet’s exit cannons. Both of the spears hit both exit cannons, both exploding on contact. The red light inside the cockpit is flashing even faster, angering the pilot a lot.


SOREA Jet Pilot: Grrr… If that’s how you want to play, girly… (points finger) All men, direct the jet toward the girl! Open the jet’s front cannon, and fire immediately!


The SOREAs start typing away at their computers, programming the jet to move 90 degrees counter-clockwise. The jet’s nose opens, revealing a large cannon. Before the cannon can start firing, Motoko’s already responded to the action.


Motoko: (smirks, raises gun with one hand) Oh no, you don’t! (fires)


The spear is released from the gun’s barrel, going straight inside the cannon before it even releases the first shot. The cannon then explodes, engulfing the entire jet from front to back. The explosion gets inside the cockpit. As the SOREAs at the computers are engulfed in the flames, screaming bloody murder, the jet pilot just stands there, with the indifferent expression on his face, looking at the flames in shock.


SOREA Jet Pilot: What a disgraceful way to go down in the line of duty…


The explosion ceases after a few seconds, the smoke clearing in the front as the explosion reaches the end of the jet. Takashi watches in awe, while Motoko just looks on, without a care in the world. Motoko turns around and puts her gun away after looking for so long.


Motoko: Well, I’m outta here.

(Takashi starts speaking once Motoko says her last line)

Takashi: (turns around, reaches hand out) Wait a minute!

Motoko: (stops) What is it now, Takashi?

Takashi: I just want to know… Why the hell are you leaving our fight unfinished?

Motoko: *sigh* It’ll be hard to describe it in full context… but I need some rest after taking down that jet… So, (turns around at Takashi, winks) How ‘bout we finish this fight tonight on the dorm roof?

Takashi: Sure. Why not?

Motoko: (turns around, starts walking again) Good. See you then, Takashi-san!


Takashi watches as Motoko walks away. Takashi has a look of awe on his face, only able to get these words out:


Takashi: Man, that chick’s cute. But her badassery is on a whole ‘nother level.


(music end - 5:20 - total time 11:08)



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Reply to Takkun4343 - Message ID#: 47420378

Cut to the nurse’s office. Tomoki is wearing two adhesive bandages in the shape of an X over the mark on his forehead, He’s holding onto a pillow, leaning against the left side of the bench.


Tomoki: (thinking) When’s that nurse gonna be back? She said she’d come back once someone came to get me. Where is that person!?


The grey door slides open offscreen, grabbing Tomoki’s attention. The nurse is standing in the doorway, in the position someone is when introducing someone.


Nurse: Sorry for the long wait, Kumagai-san.

Tomoki: Yeah, right. I’ve been waiting two freaking hours for a ride, and now’s the time someone arrives?

Nurse: (gains anime brain-vein) You shouldn’t be too impatient, Kumagai-san. (loses vein) Anyways, a fellow Nagoya University classmate of yours has come to pick you up.

Tomoki: (stands up in shock) You mean Taka-san? The fight’s already over?

Nurse: No, it isn’t anyone by the name of “Taka-san”. This person goes by a different name. (talks to someone offscreen) Come on in, Arashokou-san.

Tomoki: (seeing offscreen person walking into doorway) Oh, you have got to be kidding me…


(0:39 - total time 11:47)


(music: “The Standard“ by Psyche Origami)


Domyoji Arashokou is like Takashi and Tomoki: a 19-yer old male with an athletic build and brown hair. Domyoji’s is a short cut and mildly messy. His eyes are brown while Tomoki’s are maroon. Domyoji is wearing a white T-shirt with the word “MOODULATOR” on it, with blue jeans and brown sneakers, in contrast to Tomoki’s current garb, which simply consists of a white T-shirt, white shorts, and white socks.


Domyoji: What the hell were you thinking, Kumagai-kun? You could’ve been killed out there!

Tomoki: (offscreen) So what? You heard about the fight an hour ago, while I was in the nurse’s office recovering from a shot I had to suffer through! I heard about the fight way before you did!

Domyoji: Well, you could’ve gotten out of it before it got out of hand. That bullet might’ve killed you if it wasn’t for that shell getting in the way!

Tomoki: Yeah, whatever. (stands up, lets go of pillow) I almost get killed out there, and they had to send YOU of all people to get me!? (glares at Domyoji) Why couldn’t they contact Taka-san? The fight ended an hour ago. (clenches fist, raises head) That’s when those goddamn explosions finally stopped!

(Cut to scene where Takashi and Motoko were fighting. Takashi is sitting alone on a bench surrounding a garden pillar, the wreckage all around him. Takashi is seen smoking a cigarette.)

Domyoji: (off-screen) To be honest, I didn’t even want to go and get you. I tried contacting Fujishima-kun, but all I got on his cell was the BUSY signal. And the explosions stopped around that time as well! Why was his cell phone OFF at a time like this!?

(Cut back to hospital)

Tomoki: Can we just go now? I want to get away from here before that nurse in the doorway starts taking more tests on me.

Domyoji: Nurses don’t just take tests on you and administer shots, Kumagai-kun. Besides, I thought you liked nurses.

Tomoki: (walking toward Domyoji) Yeah. In hentai! And those nurses are both cute AND hot! (points at nurse) This nurse fits NEITHER of those qualities!

(The nurse looks obviously shocked, tearing up at the words Tomoki says.)

Domyoji: Calm down, Kumagai-kun! It isn’t nice to insult the nurses here!

Tomoki: Yeah right. They take more than insults in the hentai, and they don’t mind a thing.

Domyoji: (sweat drop) Can we just go back to the dorm before you reveal the contents of your hentai collection to this young lady here?

Tomoki: (walks out door) Sure, why the hell not!? (sarcastically) I’m completely sure that this nurse doesn’t want to listen to me ramble on about the depraved things nurses do in the hentai I watch!

Domyoji: (walks behind Tomoki) Yeah, let’s leave it at that.

Nurse: (waves goodbye at the two) Have a nice day, gentlemen!


Cut to the garden pillar Takashi was sitting near earlier. He is continuing to smoke a cigarette, sitting on the bench not saying a word or doing a thing. Just as the fire of his cigarette reaches his mouth, Takashi is disturbed by a noise that snaps him out of his say-or-do-nothing mode.


Tomoki: (off-screen) TAKA-SAN!


Tomoki’s words make the cigarette fall out of Takashi’s mouth. Takashi stands up and walks toward Tomoki, who is with Domyoji in an arched entryway between two buildings leading to the courtyard. Takashi stops as he approaches Tomoki.


Tomoki: Thank god you’re safe, Taka-san! I was worried for a sec-


Tomoki is interrupted by a flick to his forehead, courtesy of Takashi, who managed to flick him in the area with the bandages. Tomoki is not pleased.


Tomoki: (angry) Hey, what the hell didja do that for!?

Takashi: That was for scaring the hell outta me earlier with your dumb yelling.

Tomoki: But all you did was lose that cigarette!

Takashi: Yeah. I was gonna finish that, and your yelling made my enjoyment of that cigarette incomplete. You got that?

Tomoki: (scared) Yeah… I got it…

Takashi: (moves attention toward Domyoji) So, Domyoji, I got that call you tried to send me earlier.

Domyoji: Yeah, about that. What was up with you not answering?

Takashi: (takes out cigarette pack, takes out cigarette) I just needed to think after the fight I had.

Domyoji: What fight? All I heard were explosions.

Tomoki: You didn’t hear? (glares almost sexily at Takashi) Taka-san here got into a gunfight with this cute girl he met yesterday…

Domyoji: You met a girl? I thought you weren’t the social type, Fujishima-kun.

Takashi: It isn’t a big deal, alright? (places cigarette in mouth) She just asked me to kill some army of super soldiers trained to never surrender or some stupid crap like that, and she appears again the day after, and we end up fighting. (takes out lighter) She says the fight will continue tomorrow on the roof of our dormitory building.

Tomoki: Tonight? You’re gonna tell us about the fight before you go, aren’tcha?

Takashi: (lights cigarette) Maybe. (puts away lighter) It depends on how optimistic I feel about letting out the details.

Tomoki: When are you gonna let out the details!?

Takashi: (smirks) When we get back to the dorm.


Cut to the outside of Nagoya University Dormitory #5. The scene shifts to outside Takashi’s dorm room, #1986. Cut to the inside of the dorm. (Go to post one to see details of the dorm room). Takashi is sitting at his laptop on the bottom bunk of the three-story bunk bed against the dorm window. Tomoki, still in his hospital wear, is lying on the couch. Domyoji is sitting on the floor at the end of the couch next to the minifridge.


Takashi: The girl then took five bullets and turned them into these miniature compact spears. She fired all 5 at this suspicious black jet.

Tomoki: Wow. Sounds like one badass chick.

Domyoji: What was her name again?

Takashi: I already told you once, her name was Motoko Kotegawa! *sigh* I can’t believe you forgot her name right after I told it to you.

Tomoki: Keep talking about the fight already, Taka-san.

Takashi: That’s all I have to tell you. After the jet was destroyed, she just walked away, winked at me, and told me the fight would continue tonight on the roof of this dorm.

Tomoki: We got that stuff out of the way, so tell us about her physical characteristics! How big were her boobs?

Domyoji: He won’t answer a question as perverted as that, Kumagai-kun.

Takashi: (talking to Tomoki) She had a bust that looked appropriate to be between 90cm and 100cm. Either way, they were pretty large.

Tomoki: (in Thinker pose) I see… (invisible light bulb dings above his head) I’ve got it! Maybe this girl you’re talking about is more than she seems…

Takashi: Huh? What the hell do you trying to say?

Tomoki: I’m trying to say that this girl may not be as nice to you as you believe her to be.

Takashi: I didn’t say anything close to that!

Tomoki: Oh, but you would have! One minute she’s all over you, like your girlfriend, but the next thing you know, she’ll be wearing a dominatrix outfit and start whipping you for pleasure!

Takashi: (angry) Are you implying that I’m a masochist or something?

Tomoki: Not really. I’m just stating the worst case scenario if you hook up with her.

Takashi: The worst case scenario would be her “accidentally” splattering my brains all over this dorm!

Tomoki: Well, sorry! (starts crying twin waterfalls
*) I just wanted predict how the relationship between the both of you would’ve worked out…
Takashi: We’re not going to be in a goddamn relationship! (stands up) Besides, it’s almost time for me to fight her.

(Shot of clock, displaying 21:58)

Tomoki: (OS
**) Want me to turn off the alarm for you?

Takashi: (OS) (sound of gun cocking) I can do it myself. (gunshot fired)


(music end - 3:22 - total time 15:09)


The clock is now busted, with a hole through the clock display.


Tomoki: (OS) *sigh* Why do you always have to destroy your alarm clocks every time they ring?

Takashi: (walking toward shower) They just p*ss me off, that’s all. (takes off shirt) I’m gonna go take a shower before I head out and fight.

Domyoji: (OS) Don’tcha think that arm’s gonna rust?

Takashi: Nah. I’m pretty sure whoever originally had this arm covered it in lubrication fluid to make it unable to rust. (Takashi walks in bathroom, presses button, bathroom door closes)


Cut to inside the shower, where Takashi is standing in the middle of the shower, looking up at the beige ceiling.


Takashi: (thinking) I wonder if she’ll bring any of those completely messed up weapons she mentioned earlier…


Cut to the dorm room. Takashi’s hand is seen inserting a magazine into his Springfield Armory XD. Takashi also clenches the fist of his robotic arm a few times, getting used to it instantly. Takashi lights up a cigarette and stands up, out of his bunk. He is seen wearing a grey T-shirt with the words “私の世界離れて休憩“, or “My World Breaks Apart” (the episode title), and blue jeans. His Springfield Armory XD is in his left pocket.


Takashi: Looks like it’s time for me to get outta here…


Takashi walks toward the minifridge and opens it. He grabs a beer with “名古屋 BREWERY”, or “Nagoya Brewery” plastered on the grey can with the big end on top and little end on bottom. Takashi opens the beer, only to be noticed by somebody.


Tomoki: So. You’re going to fight that chick, huh?

(0:42 - total time 15:51)

(Music - “Conspiracy Theory“ by Waddell/Parnell)

Takashi: *gasp*


The camera pans to show that Tomoki is talking to Takashi (we knew that though)


Takashi: (smirks) Tomoki. I knew you’d object against me fighting that girl. (stands up) But I’m still gonna do it. Just to end this nonsense.

Tomoki: Oh, I’m fine with you fighting her. I just have one request in mind.

Takashi: What is it?

Tomoki: (short pause) Just don’t kill her.

Takashi: Uh? You want me NOT to kill her? I wasn’t gonna even consider it.

Tomoki: I just feel like I want to get to know this girl better.

Takashi: Why do you want to get to know her? You try to seduce every girl you meet, and you fail horribly at it. Why this girl?

Tomoki: Because she might be the one I’ve always wanted to know without the use of seduction. I just want to understand her.

Takashi: Why would you want to understand a girl you’ve only heard about numerous times, and have only seen once?

Tomoki: There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Taka-san. Just go and confront her and don’t let her die.

Takashi: Hey, whatever you say. (chugs beer, crushes it in robotic arm, walks out door) I’m hoping she lives too, apparently. (door closes.)

Tomoki: Yeah. I know you do.


(music end - 1:00 - total time 16:51)

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