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How to Use This Board

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This is the Fan Reviews board. The purpose of this board is to let you review anything Adult Swim. Whether you're telling us that you love something, hate something or are completely indifferent towards something, try to make it a good review -- your fellow board members will be able to rate your work.

Or you can just browse through and scope out other people's reviews and rate them unmercifully. But, you know...try to be fair.

All reviews (and the replies to them) are subject to board rules and all that. People who troll other people (maliciously rate every post they make low regardless of the content) will be banned.

When you rate a review, remember, you're rating the actual review, not the show they're talking about. So perhaps they're talking about a show you liked...but did they do a quality review of it? That's what you're rating.

All right. Explanation done.


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