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Ghost In The Shell: A Prior Notice

The following text has been translated from the 30-minute Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex preview special entitled "A Prior Notice" which first aired in Japan in September of 2002, a month before the show began.

Fansubbed and made available by the Anime-Kraze fansubbing group.
(No, I am not affiliated with them, nor have I ever been.)
Translator: runpsicat
Timer: ultracarl-
Editor: Jetblack0004
Encoder & Visual Effects: Kamui-Dash


Animax Presents



DVD · ビデオ発売中
販売元 : バンダイビジユアル
©1995 Shirow Masamune/KODANSHA

In the year 1995, Oshii Mamoru directed 攻殻機動隊 ( Koukaku Kidoutai ) ( Ghost In The Shell ), which was based on a story by Shirou Masamune.  The film received critical acclaim as an outstanding example of the Japanimation genre.  The movie sold over one million copies in the United States, and it also claimed the No. 1 spot in billboards and video sales charts.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that the film had a huge influence on Hollywood, as elements from it were seen in films such as The Matrix and The Fifth Element.  This film's huge success caused massive demand for a sequel; in response, Production I.G and Mr. Shirou decided to co-produce the TV series, Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex.  This much-awaited TV series was finally unveiled as a SkyPerfecTV: Perfect Choice program, and it was decided that all 26 episodes would be released on a pay-per-view basis over the course of a year.  Production I.G continuously churns out hits with their unique world view, in addition to their overall high production quality.  And this series' director is Oshii Mamoru's favorite, Kamiyama Kenji.  While the cinema version of Ghost In The Shell ( Koukaku Kidoutai ) recounts how the protagonist, Kusanagi Motoko, begins to investigate the identity of the unknown hacker, the Puppet Master, and subsequently uncovers deeper intrigue, the TV series, Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex, differs from the manga/game version by Shirou Masamune and the cinema version by Oshii Mamoru; it takes place in a parallel world in which Kusanagi Motoko did not meet the Puppet Master.  In addition, while each of the 26 episodes are independent of one another, the episodes are constructed in such a way that a suspenseful drama gradually unfolds around a unified theme.

(End of movie description and history)
(Beginning of Stand Alone Complex descriptions)

"While various networks have become deeply rooted, and thoughts have been sent out as light and electrons in a singular direction, this era has yet to digitize/computerize to the degree necessary for individuals to become a singular complex entitiy...."

A.D. 2030

The year 2030 A.D., Japan.  For the digital world, floating within a vast world-wide network of information, it is a period during which cyber crime has become a part of daily life, and information manipulation, ghost hacking, and unauthorized access have been intensifying at an accelerating rate.  A team of specialists who are assigned to deal with such crimes, Public Peace Section 9, become active in the front lines.

Keywords Necessary to Understand Koukaku Kidoutai: No. 1
[ Public Peace Section 9 ]

Section 9, a high-performance agency the seeks out criminal activity and eliminates it.  Directly affiliated with the Interior Ministry, Section 9, AKA the Armored Mobile Troops, was established as an independent unit.  Section 9's role is to deal with serious cyber crimes, guard VIPs, carry out assassinations, uncover political corruption, as well as to investigate violent homicides - it covers a wide range of issues.

Keywords Necessary to Understand Koukaku Kidoutai: No. 2
[ Cyborg Technology ]

Cyborgs: Cyborg technology allows various body parts to be supplemented by mechanical implants.  Those who have received these implants are called cyborgs.  Due to the fact that cybernetic implants allow cyborgs to exceed the human physical limits, cyborg technology is employed in the military field as well as in daily life.


On the other hand, as an adverse reaction to the digitization of society, a sub-group that has distanced itself from the network - a state of being known as "stand alone" - begins to emerge.  However, those with cyberbrains who choose to distance themselves find themselves isolated from external information and begin to feel frustrated.  Their psychological state is known as the "Stand Alone Complex".  Those with the Stand Alone Complex begin to form a single social group.  Even though neither cyberbrain hacking, religion, nor brainwashing is involved in this process, those with the Stand Alone Complex begin to slowly form a single entity, a "complex".

Keywords Necessary to Understand Koukaku Kidoutai: No. 3
[ Cyberbrains ]

Cyberbrain: a term that encompasses all communication terminals that are implanted into a person's brain in order to enable the brain to connect with external information.  This enabling of direct interaction between a human brain and the network made it impossible to think of humans and machines as totally disparate entities, and it ushered in a new era.


Against such a backdrop, Section 9 will come across a certain man that lives in the dark depths of the net as they uncover political intrigue.  In other words, the one who turns out to be the core of the complex is ironically one who attracts more followers by his absence; a certain charismatic entitiy in the cybernetic world.  However, the incidents centered around this net entity begin to develop along an unexpected path.  As such, the string of events is transformed from being merely incidents, into a phenomenon - a phenomenon both in the formation of the Stand Alone Complex and in the complex of incidents that it causes - or, in other words, the moment in which the Stand Alones uncover their existence under a different guise.  Led by Aramaki, how will Section 9's members deal with this phenomenon?


As a rule, no set hierarchy exists among Section 9's members.

Kusanagi Motoko
However, in the sense that she succinctly communicates Aramaki's orders to the other members, and can efficiently coordinate the members' courses of action, Kusanagi Motoko is the most skilled and is their effective leader.  Excluding her brain and a portion of her spinal cord, her body consists nearly entirely of cybernetic components. She is called "Major" by her colleagues.

Aramaki Daisuke
Chief of Section 9.  He is a trustworthy character who directs Section 9 with his sharp deduction and decision-making skills.  Although his subordinates call him "Grandpa Monkey" at times, their faith in him is boundless.

A hulking man who has cybernetic eyes.  He has cybernetic implants, though to a lesser degree than Motoko.  Although his abilities do not rank as high as Motoko's, his abilities rank second in the unit.  He only works with one Tachikoma.

A new member of Section 9 who was recruited from police headquarters by Motoko.  An exception in the sense that he has virtually no cybernetic implants aside from his cyberbrain.  He is the only member with a family.  He uses a Mateba revolver.

He excels at intelligence; he is in charge of providing behind-the-scenes backup support.

He frequently participates as a sniper in Section 9 operations.

A smoker who is detached and doesn't speak much.

He tends to work as a pair with Pazu.

A sentient tank.  Section 9 has nine of these.  Due to the neurochip, a high-level AI system, it can think and take action independently.  It is also equipped with a machine gun in its right arm and a grenade launcher in its "mouth".


Full cooperation from Shirou Masamune
Shirou Masamune gave his full cooperation in the making of this series.  With an astounding amount of information and minutely-detailed visual graphics, he presented an awe-inspiring world view in his original Koukaku Kidoutai; for this series, he cooperated fully on the background, design, and synopsis.  As a result, a new "Koukaku Kidoutai" that differs from his original manga (comic) series, game, and the movie directed by Oshii Mamoru, was born.

The staff who are most capable of ushering in a new era of anime have been

The director, Kamiyama Kenji, is a graduate of Oshii Mamoru's "Oshii School".  After working on such movies as Jin-Roh and Blood: The Last Vampire, he made his directorial debut with "Mini Pato" (Mobile Police Patlabor Minimum).  Other elite staff members have gathered around him to create a series unprecidented in visual quality.

Music by Yoko Kanno
In addition, the music is composed by the veteran Kanno Yoko, who has also produced the music for Escaflowne, Macross Plus, and Cowboy Bebop.  And the cornerstone in Japan's animation production industry, Production I.G, and their elite staff is also involved.

A project that has global aspirations - a cinema-grade series that transcends
the boundaries of television!

Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex has been three years in the making with a total of eight million dollars invested in actual production costs.  It is in a different league from previous TV series, being near cinema-quality.  In addition, the project aims to reach a global audience just like its cinema counterpart did; its quality is such that it is certain to have an impact not only on Hollywood but also on other products worldwide.


An incident occours in which the Foreign Minister and his staff are taken hostage by a group of Geisha androids.  Kusanagi Motoko and the other Section 9 members who rush to the scene succeed in rescuing the Foreign Minister, but the chief, Aramaki, discovers a major conspiracy centered around a classified military document, the Ichinose Report, as he proceeds to conduct an investigation.  Will Section 9 be able to prevent the document from leaking overseas?

Keywords Necessary to Understand Koukaku Kidoutai: No. 4
[ Thermo-Optical Camouflage ]

Thermo-Optical (Thermoptic) Camouflage: Characterized by neither heat nor sight, it is a ninja-like "weapon" that renders its users invisible.  It allows users to become one with their surroundings as if they melt into them, so that not even infrared sensors can detect them.  In Section 9, they use camouflage that is functional in all conditions; their Tachikomas also posess the capacity.


Kenbishi Heavy Industries' sentient multiped tank prototype suddenly goes out of control.  While the military, which had been in the process of officially adopting the tank into its arsenal, tries to avoid becoming involved, Section 9 is ordered to sortie.  Section 9 proceeds to pursue the runaway tank with Tachikomas and plans a surgical strike for when the tank enters a non-populated area.  However, dispite their efforts, they cannot stop the tank.  It also seems that the tank is heading intently towards a particular destination.  To where...and for what the tank racing?

Keywords Necessary to Understand Koukaku Kidoutai: No. 5
[ Ghost ]

"Ghost": Allow me to explain this term which is also included in this series' title.  In this series, it is believed that a "ghost" exists and resides in the human brain.  The term collectively refers to intuition, consciousness, soul, and persona.

And, finally, this much-worked-on TV series, Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex, presented by Animax, is available for viewing on SkyPerfecTV's Perfect Choice.

(End of Stand Alone Complex descriptions)

Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex Press Release Conference

Kamiyama Kenji [Director, Series Developer] (translated)
"Uh, well, I would first like to express my gratitude at being picked out to direct this very important series even though I was a no-name and new to this field.  Unlike the cinema version, I plan to carry on this project the way I want to, with young staff members.  This is not to say that I'll run the project with total disregard for other's opinions.  After all, we are all fans of the original Koukaku Kidoutai, and we are certain that TV veiwers will be happy with what we have done so far."

For every episode, images and a behind-the-scenes feature are included as exclusive features.  At Sharp 01 (a computer animation studio), we are working on Koukaku Kidoutai while examining it from various viewpoints as to the development of Koukaku Kidoutai and its current stages right now.

Don't miss it!

(Credits roll)
(final commercial begins)

Animax presents
Ch. 149
¥800/2 episodes

Please keep a close watch as a magnificent storyline unfolds over the course of a year.



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Re: Ghost In The Shell: A Prior Notice

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Wow, thanks for all that info. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.
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Re: Ghost In The Shell: A Prior Notice

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their was a reference in "The Fifth Element"? what was it? (I don't care for the matrix, that was build on nothing but references)