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Nebraska Sextuplets

Dear Adult Swim,
Have you guys heard of the Nebraska Sextuplets?  Anyway they are six sisters who all look alike.  I saw a picture, its freakin awesome.  You should look them up.  Sparkle is my favorite.  Thats right one of them is named Sparkle.  I guess when that many come out that fast as a parent you panic and shout out random things when doctors ask you names.  But anyway someone told me they were really only triplets and that the picture was fake.  I think that is horrible, but somehow I am still turned on by them.  Anyway if any of them are watching adultswim (and they should be), tell them to email me.  I have magic fingers, use that as a selling point.
I think Debbie is hot.  Quin is my hero.
Stewie is actually my hero, I cant believe I said Dr. Quin was.  He is cool and everything, but honestly,... stewie... if you can name someone better than him I will bow to you.  But you cant, so I wont.
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Re: Nebraska Sextuplets

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adult swim dont want no babies.....see, cuz,
there is obviously some kinda epidemic...



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