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Come on, make Flash games downloadable AS.

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I believe that these fun and innovative flash games should be available for download and offline use.
I am saying this out of personal experience because I always have to carry around a usb flash drive for work and school and sometimes I have 5 to 10 min of free time after I am done with a project. Now If I could freely surf the web without consequences, I would happily log on to and use the site in the standard way. But it is a well known fact that its not the best idea to use the internet often at work/school facilities because of obvious search/history tracking and I am trying to keep a clean slate. So I cannot visit without risking a penalty or consequence (Lets face it does sound like a pornographic or sexually explicit site.). But alas I do get bored like everyone else and I have a few tools on my usb to keep me entertained but I would sincerely enjoy a few Adult Swim flash games.




What I dont understand is why Adult Swim says that you are "illegally stealing" from them if you try to download a game (using the old standard firefox way) (example)

 (watch closely because if you are connected to the internet the message goes away quickly)


The game is free and is easily accessed by the public so shouldnt it be available for download and such?

Now I know some of you will say that the main reason for the inability to download games is because would lose internet traffic right?
And that they are using someone else's pitches and ideas so they legally cant allow public download right?


This is how I say we can fix both problems.
Adult Swim could say that they have the right to freely distribute the Game Maker's content in the game agreement. And the Game maker must add a countdown timer to the downloadable versions of games (kind of like how they do with software trials such as Photoshop) in which you can play the game offline for a set amount of time (maybe 15 min?). And when the timer reaches zero you must have an internet connection to keep playing or must wait for a set amount of time until you can continue playing offline.

Or maybe Adult Swim can release a lite GameTap like app that can be downloaded and can be used offline.


Those are some ideas but I really think they should release the lock on games.

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Re: Come on, make Flash games downloadable AS.

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too many people got sticky fingers out there, so no.

now, get back to work

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Re: Come on, make Flash games downloadable AS.

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With cable/DSL internet nowadays, is it really that hard to use them online?