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Jimmy Johns

Okay, so there's a sandwich place called Jimmy John's, who pride themselves on having the fastest delivery service around. An employee gets a call, and greets the customer


"Hi, welcome to Jimmy John's, fastest sandwich delivery service, how can I help you?"


The man on the phone seems to be in a rush "Hi, I need a sandwich, don't care what kind it is, just get it to Elm Corner 1263 as fast as you can"


The employee makes a regular sandwich, and speeds over to the house as fast as he can. When he pulls up, he notices that the house is covered in flames, but he runs up to the door anyway.


"Here's your sandwich sir, um, are you aware your house is on fire?"


The man takes the sandwich, and puts it aside "Yeah, I know, grab a bucket of water"


The man makes another call to Jimmy Johns, asks for a sandwich, and to get here as fast as they can. When they arrive, he tells them to grab a bucket of water. This action is repeated several times, until there are enough people to beging putting out the fire.


Soon, a fireman pulls up to the house, and steps out of the truck "Hey, is there a fire around here?"


The man explains to the fireman "That's okay, we already put it out. you want a sandwich?"


"Wait, so you called all these Jimmy John employees so they could put out the fire?"




"Why didn't you call the fire department first?"


"...I did."

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Re: Jimmy Johns

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this is why i love jimmy johns

Ok here's the facts, there is no new sig coming...i gave up

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Re: Jimmy Johns

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I've heard that commercial on the radio before.