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Robot Chicken Cancelled! Renewed!

Ok, before anyone screams and commits sepuku by stabbing themselves with a Barbie doll or anything like that, RC is not "cancelled" .


Per se.


But at the end of every season, it is. Then the next season starts out by referencing the previous season's ender and resolving it in some way. So here's your chance to either guess this season's ender and resolve it or post your own ender and it's next season fix. This season's finale has already been written but don't let that stop you from getting your ending on.



And I'll start because I'm a glutton for punishment :


Ender - The Worst Day Ever. Anything that can goes wrong does. Green's alarm doesn't go off so he's late for work, the drive-through spills his coffee into his lap, maybe a ticket on the way because the cop didn't care for the last episode of RC, someone's replaced his reserved parking sign with one that says something that has to be blurred out, even the little figure they've made of him for use in the show has been damaged somehow [the head's melted or it's missing a leg] . Basically, the day is a total suck-fest and just before the power goes out, he gets an e-mail suggesting that they've been cancelled...


New Season Starter - Green is sitting in the dark office after getting a pink slip via e-mail. It's starting to storm outside, there's some bugs that are crawling up the walls. A figure steps out of the corner with a checklist and starts ticking off things "late to coffee baptism...ticket...humiliation...stepped in poo [Green could check his shoe on that if it wasn't referenced at any point in the ender] ..." etc etc.

Green : "Who the hell are you?"

Figure : "I'm the F**k-Up Fairy, duh. And I'm here to collect big-time, Senriech."

Green : "Uh..wait. WHAT?"

FU Fairy : "Burned on e-Bay, now you gotta pay."

Green : "I'm not Matt!"

FU Fairy : "...."

Green : "You mean my whole day has been screwed to hell and back, I smell like s*** and I've lost my job because you thought I was SOMEONE ELSE???"

FU Fairy : "I think I f***ed up."

Green : "You THINK??"

FU Fairy : "Wait.. wait... I can do this! How 'bout I just make all this go away? Mulligan? Do-over? Ah, f*** it." and rips the list in half. The clock moves back slightly so he's considered on-time, the ticket has a disclaimer on the back that says it's good for a free coffee at Starbucks, the coffee stain on his pants go away, the rain washes off the nasty stuff on his parking sign, the power comes back on, all that. Lazzo walks in.

Lazzo : "I was just in town and decided to hop on by and see how ya'll is doing. Just got through your outlines for the next season, excellent stuff, can't wait to see the ratings!"

Green [to the FU Fairy] : "I thought we killed him last time he stopped by?"

FU Fairy : "Yeah, you did. And you're WELCOME."

Senriech [popping in the door] : "Hey Seth, they just got in some of the new figures for next season..."


as the FU Fairy tears through the door after a fleeing Senreich...

Lazzo : "It's always hoodies."


And start new season. Smiley Very Happy


Your turn.

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Re: Robot Chicken Cancelled! Renewed!

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i have a bunch of episodes to catch up has been pooping me out, so i've been out like a light before it comes on
its all freaky freaky fresh!!