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Venture Brothers Punx- Papercraft Figures

Awhile ago I had poked around the Cubeecraft papercraft site and found some Adult Swim papercraft figures.


You can find them at


You'll find Brock on page 5 and Dr. Venture on page 6 as well as a bunch of other AS characters mixed in the other pop culture papercrafts.


I also found Harlancore through them and partly because of the Dethpunx ( aka Dethklok punx).  I was poking around  Harlancore's site when I found some more Venture Brothers punx!


You can find Dr. Killinger here


And a Monarch henchman here


Just print them out on cardstock or matt photo paper and use a good sissors or an X-actor knife!  No glue needed.

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Re: Venture Brothers Punx- Papercraft Figures

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I'm building an office currently.

Cant wait to fill it up with more junk lol

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